SSG Landers new foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty (28) is sincere. His desire to succeed in the KBO League is by no means light.

McCarty is preparing for his first season in the KBO League on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time) at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.바카라사이트

Early camp evaluations were good. Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “Mccarty has built up his body enough to go to the game now. He showed anticipation, saying, “From the first day, he has been in good condition.”

He is working out as hard as he felt at first. He knows the expectations of his coaching staff and his teammates. His family also came to the campground to cheer on his success. McCarty’s parents drove about 10 hours from Mississippi to the campsite to cheer McCarty on.

McCarty’s parents said, “I came to see McCarty,” and “I was very happy when McCarty said he was challenging the Korean stage.”

McCarty’s wife and mother-in-law also moved from Tampa, Florida. The father-in-law’s mother-in-law cheered, saying, “I only have two daughters, but since McCarty became her family, I thought of him like a son.”

The one and only wife is “his best husband. she always takes care He is also the best dad ever,” cheering his husband, McCarty. After a short interview with the reporters and McCarty’s family, McCarty came to his family after pitching in the bullpen.

McCarty was delighted, saying, “This is the first time my daughter has seen bullpen pitching in 9 months since I came to the pros.”

McCarty has to show his share in this year’s SSG starting lineup, including support from his family and expectations from his coach. At the time of McCarty’s recruitment, the team also said, “He is a left-handed starting pitcher who can play long innings with an average fastball of 148 km/h, fast arm swings, and a high-quality breaking ball. highly evaluated.

A native of Mississippi, USA, McCarty, who joined the Cleveland Guardians in the 7th round (222nd overall) in 2017 after graduating from Southern Mississippi University, has lived in the minor leagues since the 2021 season and was called up to the major leagues for the first time the following year, winning a total of 4 big league wins. He recorded 3 losses and an ERA of 4.54.

After deciding to come to Korea, I studied a lot to succeed. McCarty said, “I heard a lot of good things about Korea from Anthony Alford (KT Wiz), who was his friend since high school. He also looked up a lot of information about Wilmer Font and Shawn Maury Mando, who he played last year,” he said. “I also know Merrill Kelly, who played in the major leagues and wrote a success story.”

“It was so good,” McCarty said after pitching the bullpen in front of his family. There is nothing wrong with the body. He felt healthy. He had power on the ball. That part was the best.”

He added, “I have a strong desire to win. You can throw any ball you want. I am very looking forward to Korean baseball and life in Korea. We are waiting for the season to start soon.”

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