‘Seoul Forest’.

Seoul Forest was engraved on the back of Woori Card setter Hwang Seung-bin (30), who played a professional volleyball match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th. It was a Christmas edition uniform named after the attractions in Seoul, where Woori Card is related. Like Seoul Forest, a green space in the city, Hwang Seung-bin energized Woori Card and led it to victory.

Hwang Seung-bin was traded from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance ahead of this season and wore a Woori Card uniform. Coach Shin Young-cheol, a former setter, had only one year left to acquire a free agent (FA), but he had high expectations that he would be a great help to the team. Coach Shin then gave Hwang Seung-bin the captain’s armband.

Hwang Seung-bin said, “The center of the team that the coach thinks is the setter both inside and outside the volleyball court. Of course, entering the court and becoming the focal point.

Expectations became reality. Woori Card suffered a bad news with Leo Andrić suffering a knee injury and even Riverman Agamez, who came as a substitute, injured. However, they are in 4th place with 8 wins and 6 losses (21 points). If Agamez, who is scheduled to return in January, joins, it seems to shake up the ranking fight.

Hwang Seung-bin joined Korean Air in 2014 and played for the same team all the time except for the period of military service (Army Sports Corps). However, in 2021 he was traded to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and again moved to Woori Card after a year. Hwang Seung-bin said, “It was comfortable when I joined the military. However, when I first transferred, I felt depressed for a month or two. However, it was easy to adapt after coming to Woori Card. I have friends (Song Hee-chae and Oh Jae-seong) of the same age, Lee) Kang Won hyung and (Choi) Seok Gi hyung, so it wasn’t difficult.”토토사이트

In particular, it was nice to reunite with Na Kyung-bok, the main gun of Woori Card. The two are two years senior and junior at Inha University. Hwang Seung-bin laughed and said, “Since he is such an outstanding striker, when I am in a hurry, I look for Gyeong-bok.” there is,” he said.

Transferring is a difficult challenge and task for a setter. This is because the more than 10 strikers in the team have to figure out the course and pitch they like and match it. However, Hwang Seung-bin is quickly adjusting to his teammates. He had a hard time at first even with Agamez, who came midway through the season, but he got along very well right before the injury.

Hwang Seung-bin played full-time for only one season. This is because Korean Air had a national setter, Han (37). While Hwang Seung-bin was serving in the military, even Yoo Kwang-woo (37) joined the team, so Hwang Seung-bin rarely had a chance to play. However, he has skills that are coveted by many teams, and he was transferred twice because of it. His annual salary was also ranked 10th in the league at once (690 million won,

He is leading the team well, recording second place in the set (10.611). Hwang Seung-bin said, “I remember one of the things the director said, ‘You have to be there for others to exist.’

The time spent off the court became Hwang Seung-bin’s property. Hwang Seung-bin said, “Many people say that I couldn’t play because there was one player, but those 7 years made me who I am today. It piled up and made my current volleyball,” he said. Hwang Seung-bin said, “I still keep in touch with the player-hyung every day. Looking at the player-hyung, I thought of him as a ‘true leader’. I also want to become a player who can receive that kind of evaluation.”

Hwang Seung-bin said, “I felt impatient after being discharged from the military. However, my thoughts changed after I served in the military. I gained confidence by participating in international competitions and playing as the main setter at Sangmu. I became convinced that I could do well if I went back with this skill. “he said. In the end, Korean Air decided to trade Hwang Seung-bin, and after that, Hwang Seung-bin took flight.Hwang Seung-bin’s goal for this season is ‘to gain the trust of his teammates’. Hwang Seung-bin said, “I want to become a very natural person. Of course, I want to become a person who can give trust that I will do well, and a player who gives me the trust that I will upload well even when I think ‘I won’t be able to upload it’ after receiving it with difficulty.