Even without asking, I learn with my own eyes.”

Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom is happy whenever he hears about rookie catcher Kim Dong-heon (19). They said it was good to see Kim Dong-heon’s eagerness and attitude to learn, and his temperament to instill passion and cheer with a loud voice. A player like this has no choice but to grow fast. He judged that it was more effective when he played as a backup in the 1st team rather than fighting a lot in the 2nd team.

Kim Dong-heon was considered one of the best catchers in high school during his time at Chungam High School. He played as the main catcher for the youth national team, beating his prominent competitors, and as soon as he made his professional debut, he is enjoying the good fortune of being with the ‘national catcher’, ‘national batsman’, and ‘national national best pitcher’. His batting performance was 4 hits in 10 at-bats in 7 games, a batting average of 0.400, 2 runs scored and 3 walks. Unusual.

It seems that Lee Ji-young would tell Kim Dong-hun a lot, but Kim Dong-hun said that just looking at Lee Ji-young on and off the baseball field was helpful. Ahead of the Gocheok KIA game on the 14th, “Just looking at Jiyoung’s routine is helpful. The game preparation process is really good. He regularly runs and saunas. I keep it for a long time, but I learn by watching it without asking.”

Kim Dong-heon’s away roommate is infielder Kim Tae-jin. Kim Dong-heon said that he would like to meet Kim Tae-jin if he goes up to the first team early on. This is because there is a common denominator: trade. If you look at it, it’s the same as if it came over from KIA. Coincidentally, Kim Tae-jin has a reputation as a sincere player. Kim Dong-heon is a senior with a lot to learn from.

Kim Tae-jin said to Kim Dong-heon, “You are in the first team, but you are a backup. I think it’s okay to go to the 2nd team and do it with confidence토토사이트. Do not be burdened and do it.” Kim Dong-heon said, “He told me a lot of really good things from the demonstration game.”

Eric Yokishi, who played successively against Changwon NC on the 8th and against Gocheok KIA on the 14th, also gave Kim Dong-heon a resonance. Kim Dong-heon is already fascinated by Yokishi’s unique pin-point control. Yokishi said, “I threw as Kim Dong-heon led. He sometimes asked for the ball I wanted, but the catcher’s lead was great. He is a rookie, but I think he is a player with good qualities in defense, throwing and hitting.” It is said that Yokishi gave Kim Dong-hun the courage to lead with confidence.

Lee Jung-hoo is a detailed senior. He recently advised him to correct Dong-Hun Kim’s position in the batter box. He said, “Dongheon will hardly ever face a pitcher who throws a fast two-seam. He said that when he swings, he thinks the timing is off, so it might be better to move the batting position forward. And he said to have fun.”

Now, two weeks have passed since his first-team debut. Every day is new and there is a lot to learn. nonetheless brave Being able to play baseball with good seniors is a privilege of a rookie who passed the opening entry. Kim Dong-heon said, “My goal is to stay in the first team for a long time.”

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