KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I didn’t know Arizona, whom I believed in, would do this.” The wind is so cold that you have to wear a winter jumper, and it snows with hail. Arizona, which has been back for the first time in three years, is putting the KBO League in trouble with much more fickle weather.먹튀검증

KIA and NC, which are training in Tucson, Arizona, USA, could not play two days in a row. The practice game scheduled for two days on the 22nd and 23rd was canceled due to heavy rain on one day and strong wind on the other. KIA was scheduled to set up a second camp in Okinawa, Japan after three actual matches in Tucson, but due to the weather, it left the United States with the baseball team on the 20th as the only actual match. I visited Arizona again after 7 years since 2016, but I was embarrassed by the changed weather and trained for 3 weeks.

The baseball team also canceled the third practice game scheduled for the 23rd due to strong winds. From the morning of the local time, outdoor training was impossible, so it was eventually canceled two hours before the scheduled time of the game as strong winds of 30 km/h were raging.

The national team previously played practice matches against NC on the 17th and KIA on the 20th. A total of 5 games were held in the US field training because it was necessary to quickly raise the pitching and hitting conditions of the players to the actual level. On this day, the third game, Koh Young-pyo (KT) and Kim Gwang-hyeon (SSG) pitched in turn and pitched two innings each, and Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA) pitched for the first time. Catcher Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) also planned to work with the pitchers for 7 innings, but postponed it to a day.

The batting condition improved early, but the pitchers’ pace was slow, and the national team coach Lee Kang-cheol, who felt sorry for one actual game, said, “We have to finish the game before we go,” and prepared for a ‘two consecutive games’ early on in the rain forecast. The canceled game was moved to the 24th, and after two consecutive matches against KT, which was scheduled for the 25th, the 5th game against LG on the 27th will finish the US battery training.

The reason why the United States is so popular as a training ground is because of its warm weather and excellent baseball field environment. The Keno Sports Complex in Tucson, where the national team, KIA, and KT train, has a total of 12 training grounds, so you can train by field while using multiple stadiums at the same time. However, already in 2019, abnormal weather began to appear, such as sudden snowfall.

The last overseas training in 2020, which was blocked due to the spread of Corona 19, was pierced after 3 years this year, and Arizona’s popularity was still high. A total of six clubs chose Arizona, and as three of them gathered in Tucson, the national team also chose Tucson, Arizona as a training ground, judging that it was the easiest to summon players. However, the national team also trained in cold weather from the first day. KIA and KT players, who started official training on February 1, said, “I think there were only about two days when the weather was fine enough to make you feel like this is America.”

KBO League teams trained en masse in Okinawa, Japan in the past, but began to scatter one by one as they had trouble renting a stadium with frequent rain weather, and then gathered in the United States. The stadium environment is overwhelmingly excellent, but after three years of finding it, the weather has become more unusual, and the clubs are contemplating changing the training ground after next year.

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