The black combat featherweight championship belt that Yu-Jitsu’ Yoo Soo-young put down and left, and the protagonist of the belt was broken with just one mistake카지노사이트.

Shin “Gwangnam” Seung-min defeated Park “Chance” Chan-soo by KO in 2 minutes and 17 seconds in the first round in the featherweight title match at Black Combat 06 “THE FINAL CHECKMATE” co-main event held at Paradise City, Yeongjong Island, Incheon at 6:00 pm on the 15th . Reaped. With this, Shin Seung-min  became the featherweight champion and  wore the championship belt around his waist.

It was a co-main match with an interesting match. It was because ‘Gwangnam’ Shin Seung-min and ‘Chance’ Chan-su Park, who competed in the Black Combat Featherweight National Team Qualifier, are fighting to claim the featherweight throne that ‘U-Jitsu’ left behind. The winner of this match will not only become the featherweight champion, but will also have the right to face Min-woo Kim, the national featherweight representative, so a fierce battle was predicted.

At the beginning of the first round, both fighters started to attack. They fought fiercely, exchanging blows with each other. But one mistake decided the game. As the kick cut through the air, Park Chan-su, who failed to overcome the center, fell, and Shin Seung-min did not miss Chan-su Park’s mistake and knocked him down with a soccer kick.

After entering the pounding, the match ended as it was, and Shin Seung-min won the black combat featherweight championship belt after Yu-Jitsu left.

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