The ‘Iron Pillar’ returned home after stepping on the top of Italy. He confirmed his victory early and received the ‘Guard of Honor’. Kim Min-jae카지노사이트 (26, Naples) enjoyed victory and victory with home fans.

Napoli defeated Fiorentina 1-0 in the 34th round of the ‘2022-23 season Italian Serie A’ held at the Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples Diego, Italy on the 8th (Korean time). With the victory on this day, they rose to first place with 26 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses (83 points) in an undefeated streak of 6 matches.

Kim Min-jae entered Fiorentina for the third time and received the ‘Guard of Honor’. Napoli confirmed the championship by securing one point in the 33rd round away from Udinese. The rest of the matches were all festive regardless of the outcome.

The championship was confirmed, but the performance was shaken in the early stages. While giving the initiative to Fiorentina, it was difficult to catch the mood. Elmas and Rossano shook Fiorentina by going back and forth from the side and center, but Fiorentina’s counterattack was not easy.

Napoli recovered their mood in the middle of the first half with Osimen at the center. Osimen received Di Lorenzo’s pass and aimed it into the Fiorentina net. There was an unexpected injury in the tense first half. Lozano was injured and Kvarazhelia came on as a substitute.

When the whistle blew at the start of the second half, Napoli pulled out another replacement card. A robot car and Zielinsky were put in. Fiorentina also responded with Venuti. In the 3rd minute of the second half, Napoli had a decisive chance. got a penalty kick Osimen came out as a penalty kicker, but he missed and lowered his head. Fiorentina overcame the crisis, and Amrabat and Venuti attempted consecutive shots.

After a close push and pull, Napoli managed to score the first goal. The main character was Osimen, who missed the penalty kick. In the 29th minute of the second half, a penalty kick was declared after Kvarzhelia was fouled in the process of penetrating from the side to the center. Osimen shook the net this time by finishing calmly without missing a miss.

Napoli changed the attack by excluding Osimen and injecting Simeone. Fiorentina tried their best to equalize until the last minute of the second half, but were unable to break through Napoli’s defense. After the match against Fiorentina, Napoli held a ceremony with home fans to celebrate their first win in 33 years.

Kim Min-jae was also a top-class performer against Fiorentina. He received the highest rating (7.4 points) among Napoli’s starting fours in ‘Foot Mob’, a football statistics company. The highest rating among both teams was Napoli goalkeeper Golini (7.9 points).

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