It is a battle between technology and technology. Go Yeong-jun, who has been reborn as Pohang’s ace, and Daejeon’s key midfielder, Lee Jin-hyeon, the ‘left-footed wizard’. It’s a showdown you can’t back down from to keep your team at the top of the leaderboard.

Pohang Steelers and Daejeon Hana Citizen will face off in the 13th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Pohang Steel Yard at 2:00 pm on the 13th. Currently, Pohang is 4th with 20 points and Daejeon is 3rd with 21 points.

The 3rd and 4th place teams meet. Daejeon, the ‘special football city’, is causing a sensation as soon as it is promoted. They beat strong teams one after another and are proudly occupying the 3rd place. Pohang’s recent record is disappointing, but it is still in 4th place. The difference between the two teams is only 1 point, so each other’s ranking may change depending on the result of this match.

Pohang is currently in the top ranks, but it seems that the momentum at the beginning of the season has weakened a little. In particular, it is regrettable메이저사이트 that they have not recorded a victory with 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 3 matches. As they failed to accumulate points, they allowed Seoul and Daejeon to reverse the rankings, widening the gap with Ulsan in first place. Unlike the beginning of the season, it is evaluated that the defensive concentration and stamina have decreased. Fortunately, however, they laid the groundwork for a new leap forward by ending a two-game losing streak in the previous game against Daegu.

The performance of Young-Jun Ko, the ‘Seonggol Youth’, is important. Koh Young-joon, who expanded his position in the team from last season, is active as Pohang’s top scorer with 4 points this season. From Pohang Youth to Pohang Jecheol High School, Koh Young-Jun, who literally went through all of Pohang’s systems, is called the team’s sacred bone youth. Hwang Seon-hong was selected for the U-22 national team and won the Doha Cup MVP, and is regarded as one of the best prospects not only in Pohang but also in Korea.

In particular, the performance of scoring two goals in the match against first-place team Ulsan was enough to raise expectations for Ko Young-jun. However, his recent scoring sense is not good. In front of the opponent’s goal, the decision-making power has definitely fallen. In the last game against Daegu, he swallowed regret by missing a one-on-one opportunity in the second half. We need a rebound in this game. You have to attack the defense of Daejeon by using your dribbling and speed skills.

Daejeon, the ‘special football city’, is in a good mood after winning the previous game against Suwon FC. Daejeon, which has been promoted to the K-League 1 this season, is playing interesting football based on strong midfielders such as Joo Se-jong, Lee Hyun-shik, and Lee Jin-hyun. K-League fans are expecting a lot with their interesting performance.

One of the main players leading the upward trend is the ‘left-footed wizard’ Lee Jin-hyun. Lee Jin-hyun, who is solidifying his position as the next-generation left-footed specialist, is showing off his football guru this season. He is ranked 1st in assists in the K-League for season 4 assists. His excellent ballkeeping and passing skills are admirable, and his unstoppable left-footed kick is his trademark. It is evaluated that Lee Jin-hyun’s creative play shines more as he is given a more aggressive role than this season.

It is an inevitable confrontation between the top two teams. Who among the two players, Koh Young-jun and Lee Jin-hyun, can lead the team to a thrilling victory?

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