SK Rent-A-Car stopped NH Nonghyup Card’s challenge for the most consecutive wins (8 consecutive wins) in the PBA Team League, which boasted invincible momentum, and started to rebound.

NH The Nonghyup Card was defeated with a set score of 4-2. SK Rent-a-Car, which recorded only 2 wins in 8 matches in the 1st round, succeeded in turning around by winning 2 wins in 2 matches in the 2nd round.

In the first set, SK Rent-A-Car defeated Ngo Dinh Nai (Vietnam) and Cho Joon-hwi over Cho Jae-ho and Kim Hyun-woo 11-3 in 5 innings, followed by Hida Orie-Kang Ji-eun and Kim Min-a and Kim Bo-mi with 902 (5 innings) in the 2nd set. They turned around and took a set score of 2-0.

The momentum of NH Nonghyup Card, the winner of the first round and challenging for an 8-game winning streak, was also formidable. In the 3rd set, Cho Jae-ho defeated Eddie Leppens (Belgium) 15-13 after a close match of 9 innings to make up for one set. Set score 2-2 back to square one.

In the 5th set, the watershed of the match, ‘Team Leader’ Kang Dong-gung showed off his presence. Kang Dong-gung won 11-4 by scoring 11 points with 1-2-4-4 without hitting during 4 innings against Antonio Montes (Spain), who emerged as a ‘special finish’ while continuing undefeated in the team league. In the end, Hida defeated Kim Min-ah 9-2 (6 innings) in the 6th set and ended the game.안전놀이터

SK Rent-A-Car, who took a break on the first day of the second round, secured 6 points by winning the NH Nonghyup Card Game following the 4-1 victory against Huons the previous day, and rose to the sole player of the second round.

Kang Dong-gung said, “I made up my mind to fight more combatively in the second round. He said that the winning mentality and morale of his teammates are rising little by little.”

In another game on the same day, Crown Haetae took advantage of the victory of all team members and overcame Hana Card with a set score of 4-1, escaping a two-game losing streak. SY won 3 points by defeating Welcome Savings Bank with a set score of 4-2, thanks to Han Ji-eun’s great performance in the 2nd set women’s doubles and 6th set women’s singles.

On the 19th, the 4th day of the 2nd round, starting with Huons-NH Nonghyup Card match at 12:00 noon, Hana Card-High1 Resort at 3:00 pm, SK Rent-A-Car-SY at 6:00 pm, Blue One Resort and Welcome Savings Bank match at 10:30 pm continues Crown Haetae is a rest day.

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