Mirco Tazzola, a broadcaster from Naples defender, 바카라사이트admired the performance of Kim Min-jae, who can be said to be his immediate junior.

Tazzola is a player who has been active in Italy since 1980 and continued his active life until 2010. He mainly played in the lower leagues, but also had brief stints with Napoli and Inter Milan.

For Tachola, who knows how difficult it is to become a starting player in the big leagues after being an unknown player, it seems fresher that Kim Min-jae and Kvarachhelia have been active since the first season. Kim Min-jae is a Korean player from Fenerbahce in Turkey, and Kvarazhelia is a Georgian player recruited from Rubinkazan, Russia after working for his own club for a while. The two are so active that their predecessors Lorenzo Insigne and Kalidou Koulibaly are already hard to remember.

Tachola, who appeared on the ‘Ilmio Napoli’ radio, picked Kim Min-jae and Kvarazhelia as the most impressive players, for the same reason as above. “Both Kim Min-jae and Kvara came from a semi-anonymous state, and skepticism was widespread at the time. An important player had to be replaced. Replacing Koulibaly and Insigne must have been a lot of pressure.” I saw the situation where the players were placed as much as the performance.

The next ones mentioned were Stanislav Lobotka and Victor Osimen, who originally belonged to Naples. “On the other hand, I already knew that Robotka and Osimen are good players and will do well, because I have seen their growth over the past year.”

Kim Min-jae and Kvarazhelia won 2-0 against Sassuolo by Napoli, who played the 23rd round of Italian Serie A 2022-2023 at the Mapei Stadium located in the Regio Italia region of Italy on the 18th (Korean time). Napoli won 7 consecutive league victories, recording 20 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss with 62 points. Kvarachhelia scored the first goal through a splendid dribble, and Kim Min-jae played a big role in defense.

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