Young-jae Lee, the captain of Gimcheon’s managing director, vividly conveyed the review of the army’s ‘weight’ system.메이저사이트

Gimcheon is evaluated as the absolute top 1 of K-League 2 this season. National team players such as Jo Young-wook, Kim Jin-kyu, and Yoon Jong-gyu joined the existing team of outstanding players such as Lee Young-jae, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Kim Ji-hyun as new recruits. Dreaming of returning to the K-League 1 after a year of relegation with the new look of ‘Real Gimcheon’.

Lee Young-jae took over as captain this season. He served as vice-captain last season, but from the middle of the season, he led the team by wearing the captain’s armband. However, Gimcheon’s ranking did not rebound and eventually went down to the second division after losing to Daejeon Hana Citizen in the promotion playoffs (PO).

Lee Young-jae met with reporters prior to the ‘Hana One Q 2023 K League 2’ Media Day held at THE-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 21st.

Lee Young-jae said, “Many people say things like ‘Real Gimcheon’ or ‘Absolute Top 1’, but I felt last season that it didn’t matter. Last season, the members were good, but we were relegated in the end. In the end, we need to put more emphasis on organizational strength as a team. He may have difficulties at the beginning of the season, but he will overcome it well and show a strong image as a team.”

Lee Young-jae noticed Doo-jae Won among his recruits. Lee Young-jae said, “It is still in the early stages, so it is difficult for new players to take the lead, but Won Doo-jae speaks out and shows his influence on the pitch. He also communicates a lot with Lee Sang-min,” he revealed.

Lee Young-jae is about to be discharged in June. In fact, it is a claim that is limited to 4 months. Regarding this, “There is no special burden. Rather, it was more difficult because I took over as captain from the middle of last season and the team’s performance was not good. He explained that good players have come and are reassuring and preparing anew.”

There are many players who only develop their skills or succeed in reviving in Sangmu. Representative examples include Cho Kyu-seong, who participated in the World Cup as a national team after being discharged, and Oh Hyun-gyu, who transferred to Celtic. All the players who developed their skills in Sangmu cited ‘weight’ as the secret.

Lee Young-jae said, “Even if you are not a striker, many players get better by lifting weights. Especially in the morning or afternoon, the players do a lot of weight, but the facilities are good, so there is no inconvenience. I also improved a lot as my physical, which was previously evaluated as a weakness, improved.”

Lee Young-jae also expressed his will for promotion. Lee Young-jae said, “There are many good teams such as FC Anyang and Gyeongnam FC. In particular, Anyang is said to be a candidate for the second round, but I will definitely show the first round in the season.”

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