Heungkuk Life Insurance, which exerts more force in front of a full crowd, and Korea Expressway Corporation, which challenges the miracle of 0%, stand in front of the end game.

Heungkuk Life Insurance and Road Corporation will hold the final 5th game of the 2022-23 Dodram V-League Women’s Championship (3 out of 5 matches토토사이트) at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium at 7 pm on the 6th.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won the 1st and 2nd games held in Incheon and was on the verge of winning. However, the Korea Expressway Corporation also won all the 3rd and 4th games in their hometown of Gimcheon, balancing 2 wins and 2 losses. Only the last 5 rounds remain.

Kim Yeon-kyung’s Heungkuk Life Insurance, who is challenging for the 5th championship in 4 years after the 2018-19 season, is putting great expectations on the enthusiastic support of the home fans.

Heungkuk Life Insurance attracted 93,280 fans while playing a total of 20 games at home, including the championship this season. With an average of 4,664 people per game, it is the largest number of spectators among men and women in the V-League.

In particular, the 1st and 2nd rounds of the championship against the Korea Expressway Corporation were so enthusiastic that 5464 and 6108 fans flocked to them, respectively. Naturally, it is Heungkuk Life Insurance that gives more strength in the living room.

In fact, Heungkuk Life Insurance is recording all 5 wins, including the postseason, at home against the Korea Expressway Corporation this season. He lost in the Gimcheon expedition and went to the 5th game, but he is showing a strong side at home.

Expressway Corporation ace Park Jeong-ah also expressed her difficult feelings about the Incheon expedition, saying, “It is true that there are many fans at Samsan Gymnasium, so it is burdensome to play.”

Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Abondanza, who was heading to Incheon after giving up Game 4, said, “I look forward to the support of many fans at home.”

After 5 years since the 2017-18 season, the road construction, aiming for ‘V2’, captures the 3rd and 4th games in a row and the momentum pierces the sky.

The probability that the team that won the 1st and 2nd games in the postseason women’s division won the championship was 100% in 5 out of 5 times. However, the Korea Expressway Corporation is challenging the miracle of 0%. Everyone said it was not easy, but the road construction players did not give up.

The confidence of the Korea Expressway Corporation, which became the first team to win the 3rd and 4th games after giving away the 1st and 2nd games in the championship game, is full of confidence. Road construction manager Kim Jong-min expressed confidence, “I don’t think it’s easy, but it’s worth a try. The atmosphere has turned to us.”

Park Jung-ah said, “Before the season, no one expected that we would go to the championship game. Neither did I. There is no reason to be discouraged (on the road) since we came to the 5th game. As we have done so far, if you laugh and have fun, good results will follow. I will come,” he promised.

No matter which of the two teams, Heungkuk Life Insurance and Korea Expressway Corporation, wins, the women’s championship in the 2022-23 season is expected to be talked about by many fans as a ‘previous’ match. Attention is focusing on who will be able to laugh last among Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was strong in the home, and Road Construction, which is showing a scary back.

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