The quarterfinals of the 14th Chunran Cup will be held on the 19th. Shin Jin-seo needs to beat Ke Jie to keep the championship. No. 1 in Korea and No. 1 in China have always competed for No. 1 in the world. Cho Hoon-hyeon and Nye Weiping, Lee Chang-ho and Ma Shao-chun and Chang Hao, Lee Se-dol and Guri, Park Jeong-hwan and Ke Jie. There is one place where Korea’s No. 1 is behind in the opponent’s record. Lee Se-dol is 3 wins short of Guri. Park Jung-hwan, who will fight in the future, is one win ahead.What about Shin Jin-seo and Kerze? Shin Jin-seo lost 6 times in a row until May 2019. In this wind, Kerze, who won 11 wins, is 3 wins ahead. Shin Jin-seo is catching up with a couple of wins this year. When black increased to 9, he blocked it with white 10. It’s like white hitting two black heads. Park Jin-sol decided to end the fight here. In any case, Black 11 must be left. As shown in <Figure 1>, you have to avoid the axis that is driven to the back 8. Shin Jin-seo blocked it with the back 14. He waited for Black to attack with 15 and 17. He has a back 18 ready. As shown in <Picture 2>, if you defend with black 1 and 5, white 6 twists and attacks. This one wins without White using his head. Black has to throw a tricky move. 메이저놀이터