The Lotte Giants spring camp finished the first round of three days and started training for the second round to improve condition and skills in earnest. Athletes are improving their condition by digesting a dense training schedule of 10 to 20 minutes. The athletes are adapting to the environment of Guam, the field training site, sweating heavily during conditioning training from early in the morning of the training day. 안전놀이터

On the 6th, when the second round of Lotte Spring Camp began, pitchers were sweating and training with weights at a health club near Dededo Sports Complex in Guam. In the weight training that started at 8:40 a.m. on the day, all players, from young players such as Choi Jun-yong, Kim Jin-wook, and Lee Tae-yeon to veteran pitchers such as Kim Sang-soo, Shin Jeong-rak, and Cha Woo-chan, lifted heavy dumbbells, did deadlift exercises, and strengthened their stamina. there was.

Lotte pitchers and hitters have been training weights for an hour and a half before the main training begins. After the weight training is over, he moves to the main training ground, the Dededo Sports Complex, and after conditioning, he grabs a bat and gloves. Kim Hyun-wook, conditioning coach, explained, “It is to strengthen the training effect by lifting the muscles before the main training,” and “we are operating a customized weight training system suitable for the athlete.”

At around 10:00 am, cheers erupted from Dededo Sports Complex Stadium D. The training led by conditioning coach Kim began. At Coach Kim’s signal, the players ran a distance of 50m, doing stretching and running training. As the conditioning training, which lasted for about an hour without a break, came to an end, the players shook their heads. The players were breathing heavily with their faces flushed red. The players took turns shouting “fighting” and giving strength to their fellow players.

Coach Kim’s conditioning training is a ‘hour of fear’ for the players. For this reason, players are more than welcome to the extra training that begins after official training. Beast player A laughed, saying, “Extra training is hard, but conditioning training is really hard to the point of being out of breath.”

Coach Kim’s expression is also brightening as the players’ stamina gradually improves through conditioning training. Coach Kim said, “Stamina at the spring camp is the most important resource for enduring a season,” and said with a satisfied expression, “The players seem to be following the conditioning training well.”

Lotte started the 2nd round of spring camp training on the 6th with a schedule of ‘training for 4 days – rest for 1 day’. This training routine will continue throughout the training in Guam until the 19th.

The players took a day off on the previous day, the 5th, and returned to their normal training routine on the 6th. The pitchers went through bullpen pitching and long toss drills.

On this day, Han Hyun-hee (29), who was recruited as a free agent (FA) from Kiwoom Heroes, participated in the pitching training. Han Hyun-hee was transferred to the rehabilitation group during the previous round 1 (2nd to 4th) and devoted herself to rehabilitation without pitching training. Han Hyun-hee improved his condition by participating in defense training and fungo training.

The fielders trained to advance to first base under the guidance of third base coach Jeon Jun-ho. The fielders improved their condition in Guam by training to advance to first base and outfield batting. The fielders were divided into groups of infielders and outfielders and digested each training schedule.

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