Shin Jia, the next-generation leader in Korean figure skating, won the gold medal in the 2nd Junior Grand Prix competition. It was also an overwhelming victory, more than 30 points ahead of second place.

This is reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


Shin Ji-ah soared splendidly to the melody of her free skating theme song, ‘Not About Angels.’

The jumps are beautiful, from the introduction,

[the double axel jump following ‘Inabaur’ is really beautiful]

to the landing,

[the triple loop jump is landed beautifully and immediately leads to ‘spread eagle’]. The

beautiful composition creates a sense of wonder. We received extra points in all elements of the first half.

Shin Ji-ah, who jumped perfectly in the first consecutive jump in the second half where 10% is added, was slightly shaken when she landed on the triple flip, and was judged to have a slightly under-rotation of less than 90 degrees during the subsequent jump, but she performed without wavering. I continued.

At the end of her dreamy performance, Ji-Ah Shin, who also received the highest level in all of her spin assignments, finished her

performance with a [wow ~ uncommonly beautiful ‘Bielmann Spin’]” and

was met with applause.안전놀이터

Shin Jia won the gold medal by scoring 130.95 points in the free skating and 201.33 points in the short and total, beating Japan’s Murakami, who ranked second, by 32.96 points.

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Junior Team: It’s a little disappointing that there were a few mistakes, but I’m glad I was able to finish well.]

Kwon Min-sol, who was in 8th place in the short, came back to win the bronze medal by taking 2nd place after Shin Ji-ah in the free and 3rd in total. Two of our athletes climbed to the podium side by side.

Shin Ji-ah, who won the Junior Grand Prix Final medal for the first time in 17 years since Yuna Kim last season, is aiming for consecutive gold medals and a ticket to the finals in the 5th competition starting on the 20th.

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