A fighter who appeared on a Japanese mixed martial arts YouTube program has expressed interest in fighting for Road FC스포츠토토.

On the 21st, an article about Breaking Down reported by Nikkan Sports was published on Japanese portal Yahoo Japan. The article reported on Takehiro Higuchi’s overtime victory over Korean fighter Lee Sang-il at Breaking Down 8.

Breaking Down is a YouTube program created by Japanese martial arts superstar Mikuru Asakura. This time, a total of 24 fighters from Korea and Japan competed in a Korea-Japan match. Road FC players such as Yoon Hyung-bin, Park Hyung-geun of “Physical: 100,” and Kim Jae-hoon of “Yakuza” participated, as well as rapper H Yoo-jin.

The result of the match was 7-5 in favor of Korea. All three Road FC fighters won and played an important role in the victory.

Takehiro Higuchi faced off against Lee Sang-il in a match reported by Nikkan Sports. Takehiro Higuchi battled hard against Lee Sang-il in a striking battle. After failing to reach the one-minute rule for breaking down, the fight went to overtime twice. In the end, it was Takehiro Higuchi who was the judges’ choice.

Takehiro Higuchi may be a Japanese fighter, but he has a lot of respect for the Korean mixed martial arts organization Road FC. In the pre-fight press conference, he expressed his admiration for the organization. “ROAD FC is something we aspire to. I hope to beat Samuel (Lee Sang-il) and compete in Road FC this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Road FC will host the Wonju MMA Sports Festival from June 24 to 25 at the Wonju General Gymnasium. On the first day, the professional tournament, Gupne ROAD FC 064, will be held, and on the second day, the amateur tournament, Martial Arts Festival, will be held. Gupne ROAD FC 064 will feature a global quarterfinal tournament, featuring the ROAD FC bantamweight and lightweight champions.

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