“You shouldn’t set limits for yourself.”온라인바카라

Women’s professional basketball BNK’s footsteps are heavy. We aimed for second place in the regular league for the first time since the establishment, but it is not easy. It fell into a 4-game losing streak at an important time. Since the home game against Hana 1Q on the 29th of last month (82-68), it has been difficult to build a multiplier. As of the 15th, they are in 4th place with 13 wins and 12 losses. The gap between Samsung Life Insurance in second place and Shinhan Bank in third place is not large, but considering the number of games remaining (5 games), it is clear that they are in a disadvantageous position. Park Jung-eun, director of BNK, raised her voice, saying, “Don’t be frustrated, but I think we need to quickly make up for the parts that didn’t work.”

BNK tried to take a leap this season. The power composed of Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Han Eom-ji, Jin-an, and Kim Han-byeol was quite stable. The problem is that we are very dependent on them. In particular, it is not an exaggeration to say that Ahn Hye-ji and Lee So-hee are playing full-time. He runs for 36 minutes 56 seconds and 35 minutes 8 seconds per game, ranking first and second in this category. As the game progressed, the physical burden inevitably increased. To make matters worse, Kim Han-byeol complained of knee pain and took a break. This is the background of the big defeat against Woori Bank on the 13th by 24 points.

Do not give up. I am determined to do my best until the end as long as there is even a little hope. Coach Park said, “The moment we think we’re in fourth place, we’ll feel the limit of ‘We’re all the way to the playoffs (PO’).” “The goal is to go even slightly higher than last year. I think we need to finish at least 3rd place,” he emphasized. BNK tasted the first spring basketball since it was founded last season in 4th place. Fortunately, the match against teams that are fighting for rankings is not bad. Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank are marking 3 wins and 2 losses side by side.

Important matches await. In order to draw the desired picture, first of all, we need to hold a game against Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank. Coincidentally, both matches are held at home but not at home grounds. BNK, which is based in Busan, will have home games against Shinhan Bank in Changwon on the 19th and Samsung Life Insurance in Ulsan on the 24th. Coach Park emphasized, “Unfortunately, the schedule has been like that.”

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