Kangwon University women’s basketball team was founded on the 28th.먹튀검증

On this day, Kangwon National University held an inauguration ceremony in the Academic Conference Room of the University Headquarters with President Kim Heon-yeong, Director Hong Seok-pyo of Sports Promotion Center Director Eun-young Jeong, Choi Seul-gi, Han Ji-min, Choi Seo-yeon, Choi Su-hyeon, Lee Na-yeon, and Kim Ji-hyeon players, Gangwon-do Sports Association Secretary General Kim Yong-ju, Chuncheon City Sports Association President Lee Kang-gyun, and players present. held

Kangwon National University promoted the founding of the women’s basketball team from 2021, secured a dedicated training facility, and selected coaches and six players.

The founding of the women’s basketball team is the 7th after Pusan ​​National University, Gwangju University, Ulsan University, Suwon University, Dankook University, and Jeonju Vision University.

This is the first time in the province.

The Gangwon-do Sports Association and the Chuncheon City Sports Association provided 20 million won to the women’s basketball team.

President Heonyoung Kim said, “The women’s basketball department is our university’s 11th officially established sports club, and I look forward to the performance of women’s basketball players just like the athletes who played an active part in the past.” .

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