From the owner’s surprise토토사이트 gift to a sweet break. Lotte now has only one thing left to do.

Lotte players had a big smile at Sajik Stadium on the 6th. It was the arrival of the ‘surprise gift’ from Lotte owner Shin Dong-bin, ‘Dongbin hyung’.

Owner Shin Dong-bin presented hair dryers (Airwrap Complete Long) and wireless headsets (AirPod Pro Max) to 54 people, including Lotte players, coaching staff, trainers, interpreters, and training assistants. Everyone took care to choose a gift to suit their taste. ‘Long-haired closer’ Kim Won-joong also chose a hair dryer, and Jack Rex, a foreign batter, wore a wireless headset of his own choice and did not hide his pleasure.

There was also a letter among the gifts from owner Shin Dong-bin. Owner Shin Dong-bin left a message in a letter, saying, “Thank you to the Lotte players. Please throw, hit, and run without regrets with faith and confidence in ‘One Power’ as you do now. I will cheer and support you until the end.” It was a ‘big gift’ from the owner Shin Dong-bin, who watched with interest the Lotte players who recently sprinted for 9 consecutive wins and climbed to the top alone.

The players also did not forget to say goodbye. Jeon Jun-woo, the oldest member of Lotte, said, “Thank you to the owner for always supporting our players physically and mentally so that they can focus on sports.” Rex also said, “Thank you for giving us a wonderful gift. I am very proud to be a part of.”

Lotte failed to reach 10 consecutive wins in the match against KIA in Gwangju on the 3rd and was defeated. However, Lotte took a sweet break as all three home games against Samsung, which were scheduled to be held at Sajik Stadium on the 5th and 7th, starting with the KIA game in Gwangju on the 4th, were all canceled due to rain.

It may be ‘unfortunate rain’ because Lotte has been on an unstoppable upward trend, but it can act as ‘sweet rain’ for the bullpen pitching team, which can be somewhat exhausted because Lotte’s bullpen pitchers put so much effort into their 9-game winning streak. In addition, in a situation where the starting pitching staff is not stable, the possibility of continuing the upward trend by using a winning card such as Na Kyun-an is also increasing.

Although the top spot has been passed over to SSG, who swept three consecutive weekend matches at Gocheok Dome, there is no reason for Lotte to be in a hurry. With six less games played than SSG, they are only two games behind. Can Lotte players, who spent a happy weekend with the owner’s bundle of gifts and a sweet rest, start a new week in a good mood? Lotte will start a three-game series against Doosan at Sajik Stadium on the 9th.

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