# It seems that there are many differences from this time last year. It feels positive.

“(With a smile) Last year, the composition of the team was incomplete. I started training without any certainty. This year, I’m lucky. In the meantime, I picked the players I wanted to pick. I’m drawing a more reasonable picture than last year.”

# Abercrombie (Puerto Rico) and Ponpun (Thailand) are active in the national team. Joining is delayed.

“That part is a big concern. I have high expectations because both players were selected first. Although he is a player, it is a burden to be late to join.”

# Reinforced the only foreign setter.

“If you pick a striker, you just need to match our setters. But this time, a new setter joins. It is a situation where you have to match our strikers. Ponpun is a good player, but his skills came out when he was in a combination with Thai strikers. It’s important whether the strikers can do that. It’s not unconditional, but there is a need to adapt to our strikers to some extent.”

# Volleyball players and experts predict that IBK IBK will be a scary team after the 3rd round in the upcoming season.

“If you think like that, it’s too late. And it gets loose. Even without Ponpun, our team has (Kim) Ha-kyung. From the start, the team has to start in a completely settled position so that it doesn’t loosen up after a certain point. If there is a situation where they have to keep pushing, the fatigue of the players increases. As soon as Ponpun arrives, they may not be able to be put in. Fortunately, Ha-kyung is doing well in off-season training.

# The addition of Hwang Min-kyung is expected to contribute greatly to the stabilization of the team.

“(Hwang) Minkyung is more helpful to the team mentally than anything else after joining the team. The eldest sister takes the lead. On top of that, she worries about her juniors. She is a player who takes good care of herself.”

# Middle blocker Lim Hye-rim was nominated as a compensation player.

“(Lim) Hyerim has good hardware. But he is still a chick. He needs to be raised. Also, he needs to add mentality to his current state. We’ll fix it. We need to lay the groundwork this off-season to build a big player.”

# Kim Hee-jin, the team’s flagship player, returned as a middle blocker. When is it possible to participate?

“I accompany Chungju training and are rehabilitating separately. (Kim) Hee-jin wants to join the team before the season so that he can play from the first round. Hee-jin herself thinks so. There are four of them: Lee, (Kim) Hyeon-Jung, (Choi) Jeong-Min, and (Lim) Hye-Rim. We will appoint them appropriately.”

# I wonder if Choi Jung-min will continue to be a middle blocker.

“(Choi) Jeong-min thought about becoming an outside hitter during the off-season. However, the position has to be restarted from the basics. In that case, the player can be under a lot of stress. This season, he will try to become bigger in his position. .”

# Seeing the Chungju field training, the concentration of the players is good. What effect are you expecting?

“We started off-season training earlier than other teams. It can be physically difficult for the players. Also, training in the same place every day can be boring. It’s a change of atmosphere. It works well.”

# I am curious about the training progress so far.

“Right now, we are supplementing with individual exercise rather than group exercise. Sick players place importance on the physical part. Even the technical part of volleyball is checked and explained one by one. is to see it.”

# Realizing and moving on your own is the highest level of volleyball.

“In the new season, the setters will raise the ball quickly. Offensive players need to prepare and run much faster. First of all, you need to have an eye for volleyball and understand it메이저놀이터.”

# IBK IBK’s completed play is highly expected.

“From the beginning, what I thought of was ‘speed volleyball’. Anyone can try this. To be more precise, you need a higher level than now. That part is directly related to perfection. This must be based on physical strength.”

# I wonder how to sort out the differences between Italian volleyball and Korean volleyball.

“First of all, there is a great difference in physical conditions. Also, there are many players with good mentality in Italy. The mentality that I must do what I have been given. Volleyball is a team sport, so there are cases where it is buried or swept away. However, even within the group, there were many players who were strong in trying to raise what was given to them. We also have to make sure that that part is done well.”

# It is difficult to follow the Italian style, that is, European style volleyball.

“Yes. Our country has played volleyball with technical skills before. It became difficult as that part deteriorated. Now, the technical skills are worse than foreign players. It means that there is no talent.”

# It has become a structure that is increasingly difficult to find the answer.

“In the end, to create a good player in this environment is only tempering. It has changed now. In the case of women, Japan and Thailand are maintaining, but we have regressed. Players should realize. In particular, if you have been selected for the national team and went to overseas competitions, bring them back to each team and share with your fellow players. We have to be aware of our reality while having conversations, and let the league lift us even a little bit.”

# How will IBK Industrial Bank’s schedule for the rest of the season be organized?

“The 1st and 2nd physical training ends with this Chungju field training. Afterwards, the players will be allowed to rest a little. There is one final phase of physical training left. Until then, we will spend time on volleyball. A more technical explanation. In this period, the focus will be on improving individual abilities.”

# I’m also curious about the schedule after the cup competition.

“I am planning an overseas training camp. I am thinking about Italy or Japan. First of all, I think of Italy. Italy plays volleyball that is different from us. I also want to have confidence. In the case of Japan, volleyball is similar to ours, but they play more complete volleyball. That part is directly related to the team’s completeness. I plan to go to one of Italy or Japan for field training.”

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