Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has made absurd claims about Harry Kane.

In a lecture given at Cambridge University in England, which was released on the 20th (Korean time), Levy said that Harry Kane could win the title at Tottenham. Levi is from this school.

In a talk at his alma mater, Levy was asked if he thought Kane would lift a trophy with Tottenham.

“Kane can win trophies at Tottenham안전놀이터,” he said. “But being a legend is also important. He is Tottenham’s top scorer. He is writing history. I hope one day we will have a statue of Kane in our stadium. “he said. 

After signing a professional contract in 2011, Kane went on loan in the lower leagues and started playing in the Tottenham first team from the 2013/14 season.

He scored 267 goals in Tottenham’s career in the 22nd round of the Premier League against Manchester City on February 6, surpassing Jimmy Greaves to become Tottenham’s top scorer. 

However, Tottenham have not lifted a trophy since winning the 2008 Carabao Cup. This is Levy’s only win since taking office in 2001. 

Levy has been successfully leading the club’s reforms, including the recent runner-up in the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League and the construction of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in place of White Hart Lane. 

However, the fact that they cannot lift even a small trophy is always holding Tottenham’s ankles.

At the 2021 Carabao Cup stage, he reached the final, but at the time, Levy sacked manager Jose Mourinho just before the final, and as a result lost to Manchester City and stayed in runner-up. 

Even looking into the future, it is unknown whether Tottenham or Kane will lift the trophy. You have to start with the appointment of a new coach, and it is unclear how good the synergy between the new coach and the current squad will be. 

Kane’s contract period is now only one year left at the end of this season. Currently, several big clubs are targeting him, including Manchester United, Bayern Munich and PSG.

Kane, who tried to transfer to Manchester City during the transfer market in the summer of 2021 and failed, hoped to win with manager Antonio Conte, but failed and could put the ‘transfer’ on the option again.

Levy’s remarks are also interpreted as a signal that Kane’s transfer move could become a self-regulated mud fight.

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