While a man in his 20s and his family who swindled hundreds of millions of won in insurance money by pretending to be unable to move due to paralysis were handed over to the prosecution, a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV showing the man moving on his own two feet was released .

According to the Dongbu Police Station in Daejeon on the 13th, three family members, including Mr. A in his 20s, who were recently accused of violating the Special Act on Prevention of Insurance Fraud, were sent without detention.

From October 2021 to February last year, Mr. A and others were issued a diagnosis of aftereffects of arms and legs, defrauded about 180 million won in insurance money from two insurance companies that had been subscribed in advance, and paid about insurance money to three other insurance companies. He is accused of claiming 1.29 billion won.

The Daejeon Police Agency revealed the appearance of Mr. A in a video titled ‘Creepy two-faced Kaiser Soze, the reversal of a paralyzed patient’ posted on YouTube the day before. Looking at the video, Mr. A is treated in a wheelchair in a hospital in Seoul with the support of her family토토사이트.

After her treatment was over, Mr. A rode a wheelchair to the outside of the hospital, and she jumped up in front of the taxi and was caught taking a taxi on her own without the help of her family. In addition, in the video, Mr. A walked out of the house without the support of her family, collected separately, and walked normally, such as getting in a taxi.

Previously, Mr. A underwent a colonectomy in March 2016 and was diagnosed with right arm Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ( CRPS ) due to negligence on the part of the hospital, and received a settlement of 320 million won from the hospital. When Mr. A used up the settlement money he received at the time and was in need of money, it was reported that he committed the crime in collusion with his father, Mr. B, in his 50s, and older sister, Mr. C, in his 20s.

It is known that Mr. B gave related instructions to Mr. A after learning that paralysis could receive more insurance money during the insurance claim process. In response, Mr. A visited the hospital where the colonectomy was performed and was diagnosed in June 2021 by deceiving that walking and daily life were impossible because his arms and legs did not move. In addition, it was revealed that Mr. A, who had been claiming insurance money since October of the same year, used the insurance money of about 180 million won from the insurance company for living expenses.

An insurance company filed a complaint with the police when it was suspected of receiving an insurance claim from a person, including Mr. A. After confirming this, the police uncovered the crime through detailed analysis and collection of CCTV data and hospital visit records . Mr. A, who was arrested by the police, denied the crime during the investigation, but confessed to the crime after seeing the secured video.

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