The story of the owner of a snack bar complaining about how to respond to a customer who packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes and demanded 300,000 won for washing the car토스카지노, saying that the soup leaked in the car, became known online.

On the 18th, in an online community, a post that started with ‘I suffered something I only saw on the news’ was posted. Writer A, who runs a snack bar, said, “The customer packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes, but he must have put them on top of the fish cakes.”

Closed-circuit ( CC ) TV screen showing the writer A’s store clerk packing the fish cake in question [Image source = online community capture]

Along with the text, several photos posted by Mr. A show the bottom of the cloth bag that appears to be a shopping cart being soaked and some of the seats inside the car being wet. Judging from these photos, it seems that the soup that leaked from the fish cake container the customer packed leaked into the shopping cart and wet the car seat.

Mr. A suggested to the customer, “Why don’t you try cleaning the seats after washing the car?”, but the customer replied, “What if it still doesn’t fall out? How do you trust it?” and insisted on insurance. This customer is said to have said things such as ‘I have to take out the (vehicle) seat’ and ‘I pulled out an estimate and said it was at least 300,000 won’.

In response, Mr. A also complained of resentment. He said that after checking the store’s closed circuit ( CC ) TV , there was nothing wrong with the packaging.

A wet car seat posted on an online community by a snack shop owner on the 18th. The customer is demanding compensation, saying that ‘fish cake soup has leaked’. [Image source = online community capture]

He said, “After closing the store, I talked to my husband and looked at the CCTV situation, but no matter how many times I looked, the staff confirmed that the fish cake soup was not leaking, and even confirmed that the customer was putting it in the shopping cart and leaving.” “He was frustrated. Mr. A also released a CCTV screen showing an employee putting fish cake in a plastic container and wrapping the top with plastic .

Most of the netizens who read this article expressed their support for Mr. A. Netizens comforted the owner, saying, “Just ignore this truth” and “It is not at all the fault of the fish cake shop.” In addition, comments criticizing guests who made unreasonable demands continued.

One netizen mocked the customer, saying, “If you buy something at the mart and the bag bursts with this logic, it’s the mart’s fault, and if you fall down while walking, the mart is responsible.” stood out

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