Jo Woo-sung is building up his experience one by one. He plays the most games among players with a salary of less than 40 million won, so he has high utilization compared to his salary.

Seoul Samsung won 78-68 against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 19th and won two consecutive victories.

The even performance of five players was outstanding, scoring double digits. Among them, Cho Woo-sung, who started, played for 14 minutes and 24 seconds and only scored 2 points and 1 rebound. He was sent off for five fouls and could not keep the court to the end.

Cho Woo-sung recorded 10 points and 10 rebounds in a match against Jeonju KCC on the 17th. He failed to follow the trend of making the first double-double among players nominated after the third round in the rookie draft.

Jo Woo-sung received many criticisms from Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok during the match.

Director Eun Hee-seok said, “It’s not a big request. He said that he played well against KCC, so if he expects a lot, it will be quite a burden. Simply, simply instill in Jo Woo-sung what your role in our team is. It seems like they are talking about many things, but they repeat the same story,” he said. Unfortunately, he did well in the previous game, so I was actually nervous. It may not be as active as I would like (I wanted to). To tell you the truth, I didn’t perform as well as I wanted. So I tried not to put more pressure on him, but the result ended in victory, so he must have felt the dominance a lot, and because he won, the dominance made a big contribution.”

Lee Jung-hyun said, “Woo-seong is a rookie, and if he continues to do well (laughs)… If you gain experience, you will play better,” he said. “Even if I went out with 5 fouls today, Woo-seong helped the team a lot by holding on from under the goal. I’m looking forward to Wooseong as he will play his role within the running time without worrying about fouls.”

Jo Woo-sung’s salary is 40 million won. According to KBL regulations, the minimum wage is 35 million won, and some players receive it. However, there are many teams that set the minimum wage standard at 40 million won for each team. In some teams, there is no player who earns less than 40 million won.

There are a total of 19 players with a salary of less than 40 million won. Among them, Jo Woo-sung participated in 19 games, the most. The players who participated the most after Cho Woo-sung were Park Gyeong-sang (35 million won) and Kim Dong-jun (40 million won) in 16 games. 스포츠토토

Jo Woo-sung can be seen as the most versatile player among the lowest-paid players.

The number of matches included in the list of participating players is 22. If he counts for five more games, he will qualify as a free agent after this season.

If Jo Woo-sung plays under the goal, which is not outdone by foreign players as he is now, he can continue his career as a player.

Moreover, he does not simply spend time training, but if he gains more experience by stepping on the court even for a small amount of time, he will become an essential piece of the team.