The Japanese media also showed interest in the words of Amir Rahmani (29, Naples), a teammate of Kim Min-jae (27) of the ‘Blue Iron Pillar’.

Rachmani started with Kim Min-jae in the 2022-2023 Italian Serie A Spezia match held at Stadio Alberto Pico in Italy on the 5th (Korean time) and contributed to Napoli’s 3-0 victory. 

Rahmani and his ‘centre back’ partner Kim Min-jae blocked Spezia’s attack with a solid defense that day as well. Under the defense of Kim Min-jae and Rahmani, Napoli won 5 consecutive victories with consecutive goals from Hvica Kvarachhelia in the 2nd minute and Victor Osimen in the 23rd and 28th minutes of the second half. Napoli accumulated 56 points (18 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss), leading Inter Milan (43 points) in second place by 13 points. 

Rahmani drew attention by mentioning Kim Min-jae in an interview with ‘DAZN’ after the match against Spezia. However, when asked how to communicate with Kim Min-jae, Rahmani joked, “We speak in Japanese. They make Japanese hand hearts like this.” The heart is the most important.”  메이저놀이터

Looking at this, it seems that Rahmani made a statement by confusing Korea and Japan. It seems that Kim Min-jae was mistaken for being from Japan, not Korea. 

Then, on the 6th, Japan’s ‘DAZN’ also said, “The Naples defender paid tribute to his colleague Kim Min-jae. But he confused Korea and Japan.” 

When asked to compare Kalidou Koulibaly (32), who moved to Chelsea, with Kim Min-jae, Rahmani said, “Kim Min-jae and Koulibaly are both very strong players.” “What I always think is that a strong player can do anything well. “But if the team doesn’t do well, the strong players disappear. The performance on the pitch doesn’t leave an impression. Fortunately, the team is doing well, so everything becomes easier for us.

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