The ‘coin controversy’ front surrounding Kim Nam-guk, an independent lawmaker, is expanding into suspicion of ‘illegal presidential election funds’. It is because of the suspicion that the period when a large amount of coins were actively exchanged overlapped with the last presidential election period. Along with Rep. Kim, the leadership of the Democratic Party is protesting, saying it is an “obvious false fact.” However, the power of the people defined the controversy surrounding Rep. Kim as ‘Coingate’ and demanded that Lee clarify the truth.

On the 21st, Kim Ki-hyun, representative of People’s Power, pressed Lee Jae-myung, Democratic Party representative, to expel Congressman Kim Nam-guk, who was expelled due to suspicion of trading and holding a large amount of virtual assets (coins). At the same time, he suspected that there could be a ‘some kind of deal’ between Congressman Kim and Representative Lee.

CEO Kim said in a Facebook post that day, “Why doesn’t CEO Lee come forward to expel Kim Nam-guk from the position of member of parliament? Is it because he has something to hold on to?” He said, “We need to open the back door for Kim Nam-guk to escape slightly, throw away the thought of hiding, and actively expel Congressman Kim through the direct referral of the disciplinary bill to the plenary session of the National Assembly.”

Regarding CEO Lee’s participation in the city center rally on the ‘National Day of Action to Stop Marine Dumping of Radioactive Water’ hosted by a civic group the day before, CEO Kim said, “CEO Lee even gave a speech at the outdoor rally for a change of situation and said, ‘Saving Private Kim Nam-guk’ like this.” What the hell is the reason for clinging to?토토사이트

Representative Kim said, “Representative Lee and the Democratic Party seem to be trying to drag the disciplinary bill of Congressman Kim through the shield of the special ethics committee, but if they hold out to prevent Nam-guk Kim from being expelled, they will face a situation where the people expel Lee.” We urge Lee’s decision.”

The leadership of the people’s power is also expanding the frontlines from Rep. Kim’s suspicion of ‘Coin Gate’ to ‘Lee Jae-myung presidential election funds’ to launch a wave offensive.

At the National Assembly’s countermeasures meeting held at the National Assembly on the 19th, Jae-ok Yoon, the representative of the people’s power, said, “I dare to take out coins from a large exchange (Upbit) that is rich in liquidity and stable, move it to a personal wallet (clip) through a complicated process, and explain the source of funds. He said, “The possibility of illicit political funds or money laundering is raised.”

The power of the people is a plan to directly verify the coin controversy surrounding Congressman Kim. People’s Power The Coingate fact-finding team visited the Pangyo headquarters in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province of WeMade, the issuer of Wemix, and held a meeting on the 19th. WeMade is under suspicion that Congressman Kim provided coins free of charge in the form of an ‘ airdrop (providing coins to specific virtual currency holders free of charge)’ in the process of holding a large amount of Wemix . It is also suspected of lobbying the National Assembly for the legalization of P2E ( Play to Earn ‧ Making money through game play).

While the controversy is spreading, the Democratic Party seems to be struggling with countermeasures for the coin controversy surrounding Congressman Kim. The pro-Lee Jae-myung faction draws a line, saying that the ‘illegal election funding suspicion’ is an outrageous political offensive, but there are also voices demanding ‘thorough verification’ centered on the non-Lee Jae-myung faction.

On the 19th, Lee Won-young, a member of the Democratic Party, defended the suspicion of congressman Kim Nam-guk’s investment in virtual assets on SBS radio 《Kim Tae-hyun’s Political Show》, saying, “The public opinion trial has just been conducted like a witch hunt due to unconfirmed facts.” She continued, “We will confirm exactly what went wrong, and the wrong part may be the individual member of Congressman Kim, but in fact, it may be the joint responsibility of our party and fellow lawmakers. There is also a problem of lack of legislation.” said.

A member of the Democratic Party of Gyeonggi-do said, “There are many stories (such as suspicion of illegal presidential election funding), but in order to solve all these problems, the party must first step forward and thoroughly verify.” They should also take precedence,” he stressed.

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