China again refuted the presidential office’s critical remarks targeting Ambassador Xing Haiming.

By taking aim at the Yoon Seok-yeol government, they are inducing divisions in public opinion in Korea by blaming the deterioration of Korea-China relations.

This is Correspondent Kang Jeong-kyu in Beijing.

China has directly refuted the criticism of the President’s office that the role of bridge targeting Ambassador Xing Haiming is inappropriate.

Ambassador Singh defended that he was doing a good job in promoting understanding and cooperation between the two countries.

[Wang Wonbin / Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: It is Ambassador Xing Haiming’s mission to extensively contact and exchange with people from all walks of life in Korea. Its purpose is to promote understanding and promote cooperation… .]

Chinese state media also launched support fire, saying that Ambassador Xing said the right thing.

Then, if South Korea sympathizes with the U.S. strategy and makes China an enemy, he even mentions war, saying, “Can we afford it?”

China’s check on Korea-US-Japan closeness became explicit from the recovery phase of Korea-Japan relations in March.

State-run media highlighted the opposition movement in Korea, including the opposition party, saying that it was only friendship between anti-communist and right-wing groups토토사이트, and harshly

criticized the results of the Korea-US and Korea-Japan summits by using expressions such as ‘humiliation diplomacy and flattery’.

At the end of April, ahead of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to the United States, foreign minister Qin Kang poured out criticism that was close to last words for remarks in an interview with foreign media related to Taiwan.

[Qin Gang / Chinese Foreign Minister (Last April): That logic is absurd, and the results will be dangerous. If you play with fire over the Taiwan issue, you will surely be burned to death.]

This time, the intention became clearer when Ambassador Xing Hai-ming invited the opposition leader to the official residence and criticized the current government’s diplomatic line.

[Xing Haiming / Chinese Ambassador to Korea (Last 8th): It seems that some are betting that the US will win and China will lose.] Taking aim at the Yoon Seok-yeol government and blaming the worsening relationship between Korea and China

, Hey, I can see the goal of inducing division of public opinion in Korea, such as conservatives and progressives.

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