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◇Anchor> A long-serving prisoner known as one of the greatest prison escapes of the 1990s. Many of you may remember that Mr. Shin Chang-won made an extreme choice while in prison, and there are reports of this, what are they?

Kim Sung-soo> Recently, Mr. Shin Chang-won was in prison for 21 days. It is said that he tried to make an extreme choice at around 8 pm on the 21st and was found, so it is said that his life is not in danger. He had made an extreme choice once before around 2011.

One of the speculations is that Mr. Shin’s father had recently passed away, and there are reports that he may have been traumatized in that regard. There are a lot of different opinions.

◇Anchor> Okay. Finally, we went over the extreme options for Mr. Shin, and we’re told that he’s not in a life-threatening situation, so we’ll let you know if there’s any further news on how this happened.

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