The Emergency Response Committee of the National Catholic Priests Association for Realization of Justice will hold a mass at 7 p.m.

Prior to the Mass of the State of the Union, the Presbyterian Corps released a statement titled “Division, the people’s resentment,” saying, “Those who are blind are leading tens of millions who have been entrusted with the front, and are working hard toward the mire of destruction today. He criticized the government of Seok-Yeol Yoon, saying, “It is anti-national and anti-national to the extent that it insists that it has taken care of the national interest after handing over the fruits of growth and democratization that have been reaped after a lot of hard work to other countries.”

The priests’ non-capital committee also said, “No matter how much money is poured into military expansion, the professors who remain silent will write evil and wreak havoc as if the country will soon perish if the welfare budget increases by a fingernail.” Even if the inequality of wealth and income grows and grows, the remaining 99% are driven to a bloody hell of their own lives, and even though the elderly suicide and youth suicide are the best in the world, good people still vote for them, saying that they are the ones to trust, and even the pope’s teaching ‘All Brothers’ Even in the seat of studying ‘the church’, ‘Since when did the church become a communist?’, the voices arguing and arguing are getting stronger and stronger, but all these tragedies and abnormalities stem from the original deficiency of division,” he lamented.

Division, people’s resentment 怨恨

Those who can’t see the front lead tens of millions of people who are entrusted with the front, and they are working towards the mire of ruin today. Even on thin ice, he is calm and bold. “How can a blind man lead a blind man? Then won’t both fall into a pit?” (Luke 6:39) does not cease day and night. “No way he would say that” or “What does it have to do with me… .” Doing so is a dangerous neglect that raises a catastrophic disaster. Candles on the street and prayers in the closet are also good. It doesn’t even have to be in the front. It’s good to be on the side, and it’s okay to be at the back. We just need to be together. An unexpected crisis was imminent.

1. The sea is over

what else is going on No matter how ugly a fool is, if someone spits or pours filth into the well where his family drinks, he won’t stand still. Moreover, if the thing to be thrown away is poisoned. Japan, which has a history of aggression and slaughter, is poised to permanently pollute the sea, the home of all life and the common well of mankind. The Japanese Prime Minister, who is forcing neighboring countries to import Fukushima fishery products, has warned of dumping of ‘nuclear wastewater’, ignoring the protests of his own fishermen. There are people among us who defend the unauthorized release of radioactive contaminated water, claiming that it is ‘treated water’ that can be drunk together. Even though they are pro-Japanese, they are eager to become agents of crimes directly related to the survival of mankind, so how is it right? It has become difficult to find salt for body and soul anywhere in the three seas. The sea is the incarnation of humility and love that waits in a low place and swallows all the filth in the world with one gulp and returns it as clear living water. However, he who attacks our souls every moment and pollutes our spirits tries to humiliate even that dark blue original source, which is no different from a mother’s womb.

2. Korea’s weak and weak democracy

The ’30-50 Club’ refers to countries with a per capita income of over $30,000 and a population of over 50 million. These include the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and Italy. In fact, among the countries that can be called ‘great powers’, there is a country that has been named seventh. Korea (2019). Where is that? According to the results of a survey by Sweden’s <Democracy Diversity Institute>, Korean democracy ranked first among the seven countries (2019). Britain, Italy, and Germany followed us, followed by France and the United States, and Japan was last among the seven countries. It is hard to believe that until recently, Korea was a dignified and dependable country of Seongryong Eobyun.

Even when human society fell into chaos due to the attack of Corona, Korea achieved a phenomenal economic growth rate. It was thanks to the citizens’ massive cooperation and the common people’s full responsibility for the suffering. However, even before the virus pandemic died down, the conventional order of globalization was cracked as the US and China intensified the competition for supremacy. It wasn’t something that could be done by taking one from both sides and discarding one. Depending on the following, it could be used as an opportunity for a leap forward. It needed a leader with a high degree of intuition and courage. Of course, at that point, a person who was below average by any standard became the 20th President of the Republic of Korea. After that, the country that was said to be ‘a developed country when I woke up’ is returning to ‘Hell Joseon’ day by day.

April 19 collapsed with the May 16 military rebellion within a year, and May 18 was trampled on by Chun Doo-hwan’s massacre and atrocities. The direct presidential election was won through the June 10 Uprising, but the result was another soldier taking power. Then, in 2016, the candlelight vigil took place. The Defense Security Command designed the declaration of martial law, but it was suppressed by the power of candlelight. In May 2017, the so-called ‘candlelight government’ appeared. It was an opportunity for ‘re-democratization’ that came 20 years after 1987, the first year of democratization. Citizens hoped for a ‘regime change’ rather than a ‘regime change’. I hoped that I would no longer live as a slave to a corrupt vested interest group, and I wanted to live a different life in a new country. However, there was no expected eradication of evils or fundamental improvement in life. Rather, as the prosecution’s party, who had been the handmaids of power, became the subject of power, ‘The Corrupt Regime Season 2’ arrived. Why is South Korea’s스포츠토토 democracy both emotional and futile?

3. After going through the division that became a system,

‘military dictatorship’ is less bad than ‘prosecution dictatorship’. Military dictatorship said he would take responsibility for the economy alone, and political democratization was humane (?) enough to ask for a little patience. On the other hand, the dictatorship of the prosecution is anti-national and anti-national to the extent that adults claim that they have taken care of the national interest after handing over the fruits of growth and democratization to the hands of other countries. Whether it is a military dictatorship or a prosecutorial dictatorship, it is a product of the division that has become an unshakable system in this land for 70 years of the armistice and 70 years of the ROK-US alliance. We ate, drank, worked, and raised our children in an extremely right-leaning political landscape without being clearly conscious of it, and confined to the retaining wall of beast-eating capitalism.

That’s why Korea is overflowing with mysterious things. It has grown from a ‘security state’ to a ‘developmental nation’ and has repeatedly matured into a ‘democratic nation’ beyond a developing nation. No matter how much money is spent on arms expansion, the professors who remain silent are scolding and wreaking havoc as if the country would collapse if the welfare budget increased even by a fingernail. Poor merchants in traditional markets say, “Even if we sell out the country, we are always some kind of party!” I make the sound of tapping my feet. Chosun Ilbo, a national opinion magazine that said, “It cannot filter out tritium and other radioactive materials are 14,000 times the standard,” suddenly changed its words and took the side of Japan, saying it was no big deal. After pouring 100 billion dollars into the United States, the approval rating for state administration rises rapidly just by making banners that say “strong security, strong economy” fly. Even if a very small minority with both money and power monopolizes opportunities and raises and grows inequality of assets and income, the remaining 99% are driven to a bloody hell of their own lives. drives the Even in the place where we are studying the pope’s teaching <All Brothers>, voices arguing, “Since when did the church become a communist?” All these tragedies and abnormalities originate from the fundamental deficiency of division.

4. Courage to Rebuke

If not even the church can rebuke the chronic stupidity of attracting the Japanese army because there are not enough US soldiers and even selling the sovereignty to do so, saying that we will live again the 70 years of doubting, hating, and ostracizing my poor brother, what on earth is our preaching of the gospel? What else is the ministry of service to the world? See you right away. The frightening truth of the parable of the Good Samaritan is that “highway robbers often make secret alliances with those passing by, looking the other way” (All Brothers, 75).

On May 22, 2023, the Justice and Peace Committee of the Diocese of Uijeongbu held at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Uijeongbu,

crossing the line of division and holding hands for peace.

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