In response to the attention being paid to Representative Kim Nam-kook, who voluntarily defected from the Democratic Party due to the controversy over his possession of large amounts of virtual assets, Chun Haram, chairman of the National People’s Power Party of Jeonnam Sun-gap, said that it is “very negative for the Democratic Party,” calling it a presidential-level interest.

Appearing on CBS Radio’s Kim Hyun-jung’s news show on the 19th, Chun said, “When there are even articles about a politician going to a rest area, it means that people’s interest is at its peak,” referring to Kim’s capture at a rest area in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province, the day before (18th).

He also said, “Even presidential candidates don’t get articles like that,” adding, “I’ve talked to Lee about the level of interest at this point, which is almost the same as when Lee Jun-suk went into hiding.” “The negative interest in the Democratic Party is that high,” Chun said, “and (Democratic Party members)먹튀검증 Kim Hae-young and Cho Eung-cheon are saying that we should be strict as soon as possible, and they are right. They should do that.”

However, in response to calls for their expulsion from the political arena, he said, “I think it’s premature to say that they should be expelled unconditionally at this stage.”

Chun Haram, chairman of the Saenuri Party. Yonhap News

“If he received any lobbying from P2E (Play to Earn) or coin companies, or if he received bribery or advance information, then of course he should be removed,” Chun said. “But so far, it hasn’t been revealed that way, and it’s not clear that he can be removed as a lawmaker just because he traded coins during the standing committee, so this is a precedent-setting part, so we need to approach it calmly.” He emphasized that “the first step is to conduct a proper investigation to identify clear facts.”

The previous day (Nov. 18), conservative lawyer Bae Seung-hee posted a photo of Kim Nam-kook taking a break at a rest area in Gapyeong on his YouTube channel, saying he had received a tip. Kim was dressed in comfortable hiking clothes, and what appeared to be an aide was seen opening his trunk, organizing something, and talking. Kim’s destination is not known, but it is speculated that he left Seoul to clear his head.

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