The day of the WKBL showdown has arrived.

On the 19th, Woori Bank in Asan and BNKsome in Busan will play the first leg of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 championship match at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium. Both teams swept in the playoffs, so there is no problem with stamina and preparation time토토사이트

Since the winning team in the first game has a 70% (21/30) chance of winning, the key is to control the baseline. In the regular league, Woori Bank took the lead with 5 wins and 1 loss. The first loss is not significant because it is a match in which Danbi Kim, Kim Jong-un, and Park Hye-jin were given a 20-minute time limit. However, from the perspective of BNK, the memory of winning at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium, the home of Woori Bank, can be a source of confidence.

What color is the championship match seen from an expert’s point of view? is it blue? is it red? I asked KBSN Sports commentator Ahn Deok-soo.

Commentator Ahn Deok-soo said, “Wouldn’t Woori Bank win 3-1? An opportunity will come to BNK at least once, and I hope that we can take advantage of that opportunity to win. However, if BNK loses in the first game, Woori Bank is more likely to win 3-0. The winning team in Game 1 has a 70% chance of winning.”

The head-to-head record between Woori Bank and BNK is 5 wins and 1 loss, with Woori Bank having the upper hand. They also won by an average of 16 points in 5 games. Commissioner Ahn Deok-soo said, “In terms of the regular league record and power difference, BNK won the 6th round, but it was not Woori Bank’s own power. Excluding the 4-point difference (63-67) in the third round, we lost by 12 points or more.”

What should Woori Bank be careful about against BNK? Commissioner Ahn Deok-soo said, “We must be wary of plays and foul troubles that Kim Han-byeol makes under the goal. Watch out for the 3-point shot following the kickout pass, and watch out for Lee So-hee and Ahn Hye-ji’s quick attack and An assist pass from Ahn Hye-ji. In the rest, there is a high possibility that Woori Bank will overwhelm.”

Regarding BNK, “You have to be careful of easy shooting mistakes, mistakes, and unreasonable attacks in situations where your hands and feet don’t match. This can lead to a quick attack, which is Woori Bank’s advantage. Also, since the sixth man is lacking, the key is managing the fouls of key players, including Kim Han-byul.”

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