Seoul’s representative tourist attraction, YTN Namsan Seoul Tower, has been transformed into a tennis park.

It is in step with the recent heat of tennis카지노사이트, and we are planning to welcome fans with various events until the 21st.

Reporter Seo Bong-guk has been there.

At this time last year, the Brazilian national soccer team, which was ranked No. 1 in FIFA, visited Korea for an A match with the Korean national team.

After training, I visited Namsan Seoul Tower, the best tourist attraction.

About 50 athletes, including superstar Neymar, enjoyed ice cream and enjoyed the scenery around Namsan Mountain, including the observatory and tower.

Seoul Tower, visited by not only celebrities but also 12 million domestic and foreign tourists a year, has transformed into a tennis mecca this time.

In the plaza, a bright life-size court was set up, and a message wall, game zone, and photo zone were also created.

In the exhibition hall inside the tower, you can enjoy media art with the theme of tennis.

[Kim Eun-Kyung / Visitor: Playing tennis in the city is so amazing. I haven’t played tennis, but I want to learn this time.] In the

1920s, a famous brand named after a famous player who was called a crocodile for his tenacious play tours around the world.

It has been the official partner of the French Open, a major tournament for over 50 years, and has sponsored world champions Djokovic and Medvedev.

[Mira Jeon / Tennis Influencer: There are many interesting things in tennis (besides skill). Fashion is one of them. I think it’s a sport where you can wear pretty clothes and be close to your friends.]

As the name of various entertainment and dramas has risen recently driven by the Korean Wave, the number of visitors is increasing.

Namsan Seoul Tower, which has been transformed based on tennis, which is explosively popular with ‘2030’, will visit fans through various events such as media facades and one-point lessons until the 21st.

This is YTN Seo Bong-guk.

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