SSG Landers right-hander Moon Seung-won (34) heads to spring camp in 100% condition.

Moon Seung-won met with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 25th ahead of his departure for the Florida spring camp in the US and said, “I am in very good shape. will,” he said. 먹튀검증

Moon Seung-won, who became a 12-year veteran of his professional debut, faced a crisis in June 2021. Pain was felt in his right arm, and as a result of going all the way to the United States and being diagnosed, his elbow ligament splicing surgery (Tommy John Surgery) was confirmed.

After one year of his rehabilitation, he threw a fast ball in the late 140km per hour and announced his good health, and in July of last year, he returned to the first team with long hair. Seung-Won Moon, who started in the bullpen after a long time since 2019, was unusual. According to Statiz, a baseball statistics site, the average fastball restraint, which was only 142.5 km per hour in 2021, soared to 147.3 km per hour. He also had a remarkable performance unlike his first post-surgery season, pitching scoreless in six consecutive games.

He also had a terrifying experience. He collapsed sharply like the match against Lotte on September 13 (5 runs in ⅓ innings) or against Doosan on September 18 (4 runs in ⅔ innings), and he felt the struggles of bullpen pitchers anew. Moon Seung-won said, “I think (the bullpen experience) helped me a lot. I got stronger (mentally) after going out a lot in tight situations. he explained.

After winning the regular season wire-to-wire and winning the Korean Series, SSG will enter the title defense as the defending champion. While maintaining the overall power, it was a strong move to replace all foreign starting pitchers who performed well. Against this background, it was possible because of reliable native selection resources such as Kim Gwang-hyeon, Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Oh Won-seok.

The veteran, whose mentality has become even stronger, is expected to play a pivotal role in the selection as an orthodox right-hander. In preparation for that, he also did individual training in Okinawa, Japan with teammate Lee Geon-wook this offseason. Fans’ expectations are different because he has been improving every year, such as steadily lowering his ERA until the surgery. Moon Seung-won said, “I haven’t talked to the manager yet (regarding the position).

In the spring camp, he plans to throw a lot of balls to recover his senses. It is a will to clear away concerns for sure in the second year of Tommy John surgery. Moon Seung-won confidently said, “Last year, I threw harder to hurt more even though it hurt.

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