Major League Baseball (MLB) representative alternate hitter Luis Araez (Miami Marlins), who challenged for a batting average of .400, is rapidly declining. The first place in batting average is also at stake.

Araez maintained a batting average of .400 until mid-June. Even after that wall collapsed, he maintained a batting average in the .30 level in the second half. He recorded 0.381 before the Philadelphia Phillies, the last game last month.

Araez is a player with the ability to push the ball toward his body (based on a left-handed hitter) and send it to the left. He is a hitter who has shown that he can produce hits even if he passes only the infield amid the trend of increasing the launch angle and making strong batted balls.

Araez’s sense of hitting was shaken in August. On the 20th (Korean time), he recorded a monthly batting average of 0.230 in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the double header (DH) against the Los Angeles Dodgers. His only four games went hitless, but he also had only three multi-hits. Eventually, his batting average dropped to 0.357 in the 2023 season.

As of the 20th, there are only four hitters with a batting average of .300 or higher in the National League (NL). MLB is also continuing the trend of pitching and scoring. Just maintaining a batting average of .35 is amazing.메이저놀이터

However, he cannot guarantee that he will become the hitting king. This is because Freddie Freeman, the leading hitter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is closely chasing Araez with a batting average of 0.333. In particular, Freeman is flying fast, recording a monthly batting average of 0.356 in August, when Araez’s sense of hitting fell. Unlike Araez, the sense of hitting has been gradually increasing since June.

No. 400 hitter in MLB has not appeared since Ted Williams in 1941. Araez’s 2023 season race, which was expected to win the modifier ‘last 40% hitter’, changed the route of the mission of ‘Suseong for the 1st place in batting average’.

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