Now the stage changes to Japan. Each club will move to Okinawa, Japan, and compete.

The 10 KBO League teams started spring camp on the 1st. At the beginning of the camp, the focus was on physical strength and technical training.토토사이트

Although each team is different, from mid-February, they prepared for the opening of the season focusing on actual matches. A separate team was formed to build up the body at the first training site and check the sense of actual combat at the second camp site.

Lotte Giants, KIA Tigers, Samsung Lions, Hanwha Eagles, SSG Landers are like that. Five clubs come together to form the so-called ‘Okinawa League’.

The advantage of the Okinawa spring camp is that you can play practice games with domestic and Japanese clubs. Samsung, which started its spring camp in Okinawa from the first round, has already played practice games against Japanese clubs such as Nippon Ham, Chunichi, and Hanshin.

Lotte, KIA, Hanwha, and SSG, which joined in the second round, will move to Japan from Guam and the United States, respectively.

The first team to move was Lotte. After the first camp on the 19th, we started training in Okinawa, Japan from the 20th, and on the 22nd, we had an exchange match with Chiba Lotte Marines 2nd Army.

Afterwards, he plans to return to Korea on March 7 after playing practice games with KBO League clubs. Followed by KIA, Hanwha, and SSG. After playing practice games with KBO League clubs, he will return to Korea in early March.

First of all, the first camp performance of each team is good. Lotte head coach Larry Sutton said, “I am very happy to successfully wrap up the spring camp in Guam. I have achieved my goal of physically preparing the players for the game schedule in Japan. I trained with a focus on details for each part.” Now, the team will focus on their strengths in Japan, training and improving their performance while continuing to develop.”

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “It was the first camp that produced results in various areas. We are working on details in defense and running, and both batters and pitchers have improved their actual performance.” We will prepare for the start of the season by continuing the atmosphere.”

The LG Twins, KT Wiz, and NC Dinos will hold their spring camp in the US without moving. Kiwoom is in the process of dualization. Technical training is conducted in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, focusing on actual matches in the United States. Doosan will finish the camp in Australia as it was in the first round.

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