Women’s Softball Asia Cup to be held in Incheon on April 2The Korea Baseball Softball Association (Chairman Lee Jong-hoon, KBSA) will hold the ‘2023 Women’s Softball Asia Cup’ from April 2nd (토토사이트Sun) to 8th (Sat) at Songdo LNG Sports Town in Incheon.

It is Asia’s most prestigious softball international competition hosted by the Asian Softball Confederation (SA) and is held every four years. In August of last year, the association succeeded in hosting the tournament in Korea for the first time.

About 150 players from 9 countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, India and Hong Kong will participate. The preliminaries will be held in a full league of 9 teams, and in the finals, a ranking match will be held for the 5th to 9th places as a result of the preliminaries, and the final rankings will be determined through a tournament for 1st to 4th places.

This competition can be said to be the prelude to the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China in September. As all major participating countries in the Asian Games have participated, it is a place where you can check your strength in advance and check the performance of the Korean national team in advance.

The goal of the Korean national team is to finish in third place. To this end, they conducted joint training with Yamanashi Gakuin University for 20 days in Japan last February and played several practice matches with local universities and club teams to maximize their sense of actual combat. And following last year, they renewed their contract with American coach Scott Cranford and are conducting strengthening training in Korea with a focus on improving the players’ technical skills.

Lee Jong-hoon, president of the association, said, “It is a new feeling to hold the Asia Cup, an Asian softball festival, in Korea.”

Meanwhile, major Asian Cup matches, including Korean team matches, can be found on the official YouTube channel of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). This event is run by SPS KOREA.

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