Actor Sung Hoon took legal action against malicious rumors about comedian Narae Park.

According to Stallion Entertainment, Sung Hoon’s agency스포츠토토, on the 19th, on the 18th, Sung Hoon filed a complaint with the police against the spreaders of malicious rumors for violating the Information and Communications Network Act (defamation).

Narae Park also plans to file a complaint soon. An official from Narae Park’s agency, JDB Entertainment, told News 1 that “the evidence has been collected and is being sorted out with a lawyer.”

Previously, on the 15th, Sung Hoon and Park Na-rae recently denied rumors containing sexual content that the two visited the emergency room of a hospital online, and announced that they would take strong action against those who spread them.

At the time, Stallion Entertainment said, ” We would like to inform you that the rumors related to Sung Hoon that are currently spreading in some online communities and SNS (social networking service) are clearly false. ” We cannot condone the current situation that causes suffering, so we plan to take strong legal action.” “We are currently monitoring and tracking the IPs

of the distributors who are creating and recklessly spreading Kaderasik rumors as fact, and we will take strong action without any leniency or agreement.” We will ask for strict legal responsibility for it.”

Park Na-rae’s agency, JDB Entertainment, said, “We decided that we could no longer tolerate the current situation that defames our artist and causes not only the person concerned, but also their family and people around them to suffer. We have decided to take strict legal action against those who spread the virus.”

“We will use all methods to take legal action against the first person to write and spread malicious rumors, expand and reproduce unfounded content as fact, and there will be no negotiations or leniency in this matter,” he warned. did.

Park Na-rae and Sung-hoon formed a close friendship by appearing together on the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’.

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