“The defense of all the players was really good.”

On the 20th (Korean time), the Hanwha Eagles beat the Dutch World Baseball Classic (WBC) team 4-1 in a spring camp practice match. While the mound, on which Moon Dong-ju and Nam Ji-min scrambled, blocked the opponent’s batting line with the minimum number of runs, the fielders’ waterless defense stood out above all else. Coach Carlos Subero also spared no praise for Soo-jin, who showed great concentration.먹튀검증

After the game, coach Subero said, “It’s a good game.” At the same time, he said, “I’m happy to win, but all the players’ defense was good. There was no need to catch an unnecessary out count. The players themselves must have learned that a clean game is like this.”

In fact, Hanwha is not a team with strong defense. Absurd mistakes were repeated, and there were many games where they self-destructed with the so-called ‘happiness defense’. Coach Subero also called for strengthening the defense after his appointment, but there was no tangible result. Even in the 2021 season, which was the first year that coach Subero took the Hanwha baton, he was keen on defensive training. It was also to strengthen the defense that the extreme defensive shift was developed.

The defense has deteriorated further over the past two years. In the 2021 season, he committed 120 mistakes, ranking second in the most mistakes. Recorded 134 errors in 2022. 1 spot on the team for the most errors. I made a mistake even in a game where I could win if I caught an outcount, so my performance couldn’t have been good. Hanwha stayed at the bottom for two consecutive years.

However, it seems that the results of training all winter are showing up. In the match against the Netherlands WBC national team, Hanwha Yasu-jin played a stable defense. With the defense backed up, the pitching staff was able to spread the ball with confidence. Including Moon Dong-ju, who started as a starter, the pitching team including Nam Ji-min, Han Seung-ju, Kim Jae-young, Yun Dae-kyung, and Yoon San-heum also blocked the Netherlands with one run.

Although it was a practice game, this is what Hanwha, dreaming of flying, should show in the future. Coach Subero also hoped to continue his good form in the season, saying, “There will be something the players have gained through victory. We will have to remember that and go through the season.”

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