Tottenham’s Antonio Conte, 온라인바카라 who underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder earlier this month, has decided to continue to rest at Inalia.

Conte directed the Champions League round of 16 first leg away match against AC Milan in Italy on the 16th. He struggled with a sore body, but his team lost 0-1.

And right away, Tottenham said, “After the away game to AC Milan, Conte decided to stay in Italy with his family. I decided that resting with his family was the most important thing. Above all else, health comes first.” It’s like a beautiful scene. It is a picture of giving a sick director a break and praying for a recovery.

But behind the scenes, Tottenham are hiding their true intentions. As the saying goes, ‘I take a break after falling down’, Tottenham told me to rest well in my hometown. However, I cannot get rid of the impression that he has found an excuse to kick him out of the coaching position on the pretext of being sick.

It is because the relationship between Conte and Tottenham is not very good. Fans and the club wanted Conte’s sacking. In fact, Tottenham wanted to extend the contract with Conte. According to reports, Tottenham has been talking about extending the contract with manager Conte, whose contract expires at the end of this season, even before the World Cup in Qatar.

However, an agreement could not be reached with Conte. Conte is also said to be unhappy with the club’s offer and just wants to leave.

In particular, he hinted at leaving Tottenham in an interview after finishing with AC Milan. “I don’t want to talk about the future, but as a former Italian national coach, people know how much Italy means to me,” Conte said in a post-game interview. “Italy is always in my heart. I never rule out the idea that I will return here someday.”

After this interview, it is presumed that the club did not say, ‘Take a rest while you fell’, but ‘Don’t come back from Italy because you are sick.’ Tottenham are led interim by assistant coach Christian Stellini.

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