Jeonnam Province announced on the 15th that 1,316 overseas Korean athletes from 18 countries will participate in the 104th National Sports Festival to be held in October.

This is the third largest scale of participation over the past 10 years, following the 2019 Seoul Games (1,868 participants from 18 countries) and the 2014 Jeju Games (1,614 participants from 17 countries).

Panoramic view of Mokpo Stadium, the main venue for the National Sports Festival. Provided by Jeollanam-do
The country sending the most athletes is the United States, with 128 athletes and officials participating. This was followed by the Philippines with 124 people, Indonesia with 115 people, Hong Kong with 110 people, and Japan with 106 people.

Jeonnam Province plans to form a country-specific support team to provide convenient support for overseas Korean athletes visiting their home country and provide one-stop service from entry to departure. For convenient transportation, 1,736 vehicles, including charter buses and rental cars, are provided.

We plan to welcome the athletes to their home country on October 16th and provide a welcome banquet hosted by the provincial governor to encourage the athletes and give them a sense of their home country. Through quarantine support, we plan to support the safety of the athletes as well as various conveniences such as installing Wi-Fi in their accommodations and providing amenities (convenience items) sponsored by Samsung Electronics.

Jeonnam Province expected that it would be difficult for the overseas Korean athletes to make reservations for accommodations due to group stays in each country, so they cooperated with public institutions and training centers and made accommodation reservations for the athletes at 11 locations, including the Jeonnam Human Resources Development Center, which is inexpensive and comfortable, and the Korean Legion of Mary Memorial Hall, a Catholic shrine in Mokpo. Already finished in March.카지노사이트

The overseas Korean team also plans to provide small scholarships to multicultural families and promising athletes. The Philippine team provided mango scholarships worth 18 million won (36 students) to children from multicultural families in the Philippines, the United States provided scholarships worth 2 million won (2 students), Germany provided 1.4 million won perilla leaf scholarships (1 student), and Australia provided 1 million won koala sponsorships (1 student). ) were delivered respectively.

Kang In-jung, head of the Jeollanam-do National Sports Festival Planning Department, said, “We will provide overseas Korean athletes with the taste and style of Namdo, which has the most Korean charm,” and added, “We will do our best to prepare for this National Sports Festival to be held as a venue for Korean people’s festival beyond national dialogue.” said.

Meanwhile, the 104th National Sports Festival will be held from October 13 to 19, with 49 sports distributed across 70 stadiums in 22 cities and counties in the province, including Mokpo, the main host city. The 43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled will be held from November 3 to 8 with 31 events at 38 stadiums in 11 cities and counties in the province.

As this year’s competition will be held after the recovery of daily life due to the coronavirus, it is expected that about 40,000 players and officials will visit Jeonnam in large numbers.

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