An entire family assaulted their middle school daughter in the먹튀검증 center of Gangnam, Seoul.

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul charged the victim’s parents, who are in their 40s, with child abuse under the Child Welfare Act and her high school-aged brother with assault. They allegedly assaulted Ms. A for 20 minutes, punching and kicking her, near an apartment complex in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at around 0:00 a.m. on March 15.

The police, who responded to a witness report, arrested the parents and their brother at a nearby apartment, and promptly evicted the father. Based on CCTV footage, police later banned the rest of the family from approaching or contacting the victim three days later.

In particular, the father was detained at the Eastern Detention Center on the 19th, using the strongest provisional measure under the Child Abuse Punishment Law, item 7 (detention center or detention center). The family reportedly stated during the ward office and police investigations that they physically punished Ms. A because she refused to go to the hospital.

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