An aunt in her 50s who sent abusive text messages to her middle school nephew has been convicted of child abuse.

Judge Kwak Kyung-pyeong of the Incheon District Court Criminal Division 2 먹튀검증sentenced A, 56, to a fine of 2 million won for child abuse under the Child Welfare Act, the court said on 2 February.

A was accused of emotionally abusing her nephew, B (14), a middle school student, by sending him a scolding mobile phone text message in March last year.

He said, “You are in the second year of junior high school, don’t behave like a bully,” and sent a text message to B-gun saying, “You are not a nephew, but a thief.”

When A learned that B had received the ring from his maternal grandmother, A scared him by saying, “It’s mine, don’t bring it back,” and “I’ll call the police.”

“If he does not pay the fine, he will be sent to a labour camp for a period of 100,000 won per day,” Judge Kwak said, adding, “Considering the defendant’s family environment and the circumstances of the offence, I did not order him to restrict his employment.”

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