The new manager of women’s volleyball Pepper Savings Bank has become younger.메이저놀이터

Pepper Savings Bank issued a press release on the 17th, saying, “Aachen Kim (38) has been appointed as the new manager.” Coach Aachen Kim will enter Korea in March and will officially take over as coach from the 2023-2024 season. Acting manager Lee Kyung-soo (44), who is currently in command of the team, will lead the team for the remainder of the 2022-2023 season and take on the role of head coach next season.

Korean-American coach Aachen Kim coached the Brown University volleyball team in the Ivy League in Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States in 2018. Within three years of his tenure, he took the team to the top of the league and advanced to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament for the first time in school history.

The most notable part of this director appointment is his age. Coach Aachen Kim becomes the only 30-year-old who has been officially coached in the league. Currently, the 30th command tower is only Kim Dae-gyeong (36), acting director of Heungkuk Life Insurance. When Pepper Savings Bank was founded, former manager Kim Hyung-sil (71), the oldest commanding tower in the league, was appointed.

If the previous appointment of former manager Kim Hyung-sil was a decision to quickly settle the club in the league in its first season, the appointment of Kim in Aachen this time contains the will to become a strong team by nurturing young players in earnest. Pepper Savings Bank is the youngest team in the league with an average player age of 23.9.

In fact, coach Aachen Kim is evaluated to be excellent at nurturing promising players. Kim Dong-eon, head of Pepper Savings Bank, said, “The new coach of Aachen Kim has over 14 years of coaching experience at the National Collegiate Athletic Association.” We expect that he will add strength and vitality to the team made up of young players and grow it.”

Director Aachen Kim said through the club, “It is a great honor to join as a manager, and I have high expectations at the same time.”

Pepper Savings Bank has been running the team under the acting system of Lee Kyung-soo after former manager Kim Hyung-sil resigned in November of last year, taking responsibility for poor performance, including 10 consecutive losses in the opening season. The record this season is 7th in the league with 3 wins and 25 losses (9 points).

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