The Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour has already started the 2023 season. The first winner of the 2023 season also came out. The present constantly moves into the past, and the future continues to push into the present. The 2023 season can only be an extension of the 2022 season. I picked ‘Newsmaker 5’, which produced the hottest news on the KLPGA tour in the 2022 season.

1. ‘6 wins for 2 consecutive years, 1 billion breakthrough’ Park Min-ji

In 2021 or 2022, you will not be able to discuss the KLPGA tour without leaving Park Min-ji. That’s why Park Min-ji’s performance was great. He won 6 wins for 2 years in a row, and exceeded 1 billion won in prize money for 2 years in a row. However, the pattern of last year and this year is slightly different. While last year’s 6 wins all came in the first half, this year’s 3 wins in the first half and 3 wins in the second half showed an even multiplier. How many wins Park Min-ji will achieve in 2023 is of utmost interest. Park Min-ji also expressed her intention to actively seek to enter the LPGA tour next year. It’s a situation where I can’t focus on domestic competitions as much as this year.

2. Warm-hearted ‘Autumn Queen’ Kim Su-ji

Although she won 6 wins, the 2022 KLPGA tour was not ‘Park Min-ji’s solo run’. The winner of most wins and prize money belonged to Park Min-ji, but Kim Su-ji received the lowest number of strokes awarded only to the player with the hottest shot. The grand prize winner that a player with even grades could receive was also Kim Su-ji, not Park Min-ji. His performance was great enough to be called ‘rediscovery of Kim Su-ji’, but the results in the second half were especially frightening. That’s why the nickname ‘Autumn Queen’ was attached. He participated in 13 tournaments in the second half of the year and finished in the ‘Top 10′ 10 times, including 2 wins. Suji Kim expressed her gratitude for the fans’ support and help from those around her through her impressions at the award ceremony, and showed a warm heart that she would try to become a ‘player who can give back as much as she received’. His performance in the 2023 season is expected. 토토

3. ‘Long-hit girl’ suspended due to 3-year disciplinary punishment for violating rules Yoon In-na

, who was the hottest player at the beginning of the season, has more weight on Yoon In-na than Park Min-ji. Golf fans were excited about the appearance of a newcomer with overwhelming long hitting ability. In July, his stock price rose even more as he became the first rookie to win the Evercollagen Queen’s Crown. However, at the DB Group Korea Women’s Open held in June, she quickly fell into abyss as she belatedly reported the fact that she had violated the rules. In the end, Yoon Eana, who received a heavy punishment of suspension from business trips for three years, has not been able to stand in front of golf fans since. In the 2023 season, Yuna or news is expected to continue. Golf fans may request a reduction in the three-year suspension period, saying it is excessive, and if it is judged that they have spent a period of self-reflection, they may seek overseas expansion. There may be a plan for the association to shorten the suspension period to one year and instead pave the way for overseas expansion while refraining from participating in domestic competitions.

4. ‘Super Rookie’ Lee Ye-won, who rose to 3rd place in prize money without winning, Lee

Ye-won, who won Rookie of the Year, posted a record so great that it was hard to believe that there was no championship. Yewon Lee, who has competed in 29 tournaments this year, has been named in the ‘Top 10’ only 13 times, including her runner-up three times, placing her third on the money list. The prize money he earned is 849.78 million won, which is the highest prize money ever for a rookie. In 2018, rookie Choi Hye-jin’s 822.29 million won was exceeded. At that time, Choi Hye-jin won two prizes. The only players who have earned more prize money than Lee Ye-won are Park Min-ji, who has 6 wins, and Kim Su-ji, who ranks first in average at-bats. Indeed, one of the concerns in the 2023 season is when Lee Ye-won will remove the tag of ‘Rookie of the Year’.

5. 48 consecutive cuts, 7th runner-up Park “Cutful” Hyeon-gyeong

Only one player made 100% cut this year. It is Park “Cutieful” Hyeon-kyung. Park Hyun-kyung participated in 27 competitions this year and received prize money in all 27 competitions. She ‘passed the cut 100%’ and she completed ‘0% cutoff’. Park Hyun-kyung continued her record of passing the cut in 20 tournaments after the cutoff at the Lotte Open in June last year, and at the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open held in the 2023 season, she also succeeded in passing the cut. In all of her 48 contests, she has never been cut off. In April 2021, she won the 43rd KLPGA Championship with Chris F&C, and has only runner-up for the seventh time in 52 tournaments. Watching when his victory will come will also be an interesting point to watch the 2023 season.