The timing of Kyle Wright’s (27, Atlanta Braves토토사이트) return is controversial.

Wright received a cortisone injection for pain in his right shoulder in January. Later, in an interview with local media in February, he was confident that “I am in the best condition since 2020,” but so far I have not participated in spring training demonstration games.

Accordingly, some local fans are concerned that Wright’s shoulder pain may lead to the start of the season. It is an observation that the chronic disease that has caught Wright’s ankle will continue this season.

On the other hand, there are also objections that he will return next week at the earliest. This is because on the 7th (hereafter local time), various media including ESPN reported that Wright successfully digested pitching practice that day.

Experts argued, “He will pitch in the Washington Nationals series this opening day or the St. Louis Cardinals series later.”

With three weeks to go until the opening of the 2023 Major League Baseball, local fans are paying attention to whether Wright’s 20-win challenge for the second consecutive year will be successful.

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