The Pittsburgh Pirates are not really a strong team.

Statistics firm Fangraphs predicted that Pittsburgh would finish fourth in the National League Central before this season.

They recruited veterans such as Choi Ji-man and Carlos Santana to strengthen their offense, but they did not give such generous scores.

Pittsburgh has hovered around토토사이트 4th and 5th in the division every season since 2017.

However, when the lid was opened this season, it was a different story. Balls, numbers and weeks were almost perfect. In particular, Bae Ji-hwan joined the team and played a play that saved mobility.

Thanks to that, from the beginning, we were able to win and win with fearsome momentum. The American media outlets were surprised when they recorded the second highest win rate among 30 teams with 20 wins and 8 losses.

But that was it. It started to fall rapidly after sweeping 3 losses to the Tampa Bay Race, which ranked first overall in terms of odds.

Pittsburgh, which also swept 3 losses to the Toronto Blue Jays, fell into a seven-game losing streak.

In the first game of the series against the weak Colorado Rockies, he narrowly won 2-0 and escaped the losing streak, but lost in the second and third games.

They have 1 win and 9 losses in their last 10 matches.

However, the Milwaukee Brewers, who are second in the district, are also sluggish with 2 wins and 8 losses, and Pittsburgh still maintains first place.

Pittsburgh is currently in an extreme slump in hitting. The pitching staff has also changed 180 degrees from the beginning.

Pittsburgh fans are bewildered, saying they don’t know why, when a team that was doing well in the beginning suddenly slumped.

Some fans quipped that “(Pittsburgh is finally) starting to go down the familiar basement.”

Meanwhile, Bae Ji-hwan missed the game against Colorado held on the 11th (Korean time). Pittsburgh lost 3-4.

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