I don’t have greed for the 3-point shot yet.

The three-point shot, which was the exclusive property of shooters, has now become a weapon that all five players on the court must have. In particular, even the big man, who was the farthest from the 3-point shot, threw one or two 3-point shots. It is no exaggeration to say that the era of the three-point shot has arrived.

Anyang KGC Oh Se-geun, who is behind the goal, also throws 1.8 3-pointers per game. The success rate is 0.7, and the success rate is 40.5%. Until 2021-2022, if under-the-goal and mid-range shots were all options, from the 2021-2022 season, he started throwing more than one three-point shot on average. As a result, even if Oh Se-geun is on the outer line,안전놀이터 he cannot play sagging defense. Thanks to this, KGC’s space has become wider.

Looking at the 15th scoring rankings this season, the only players with an average of zero 3-point attempts are Changwon LG Asem Marey (13th in the league) and Suwon KT Ha Yoon-ki (14th in the league). Even Gage Prim, who is strong under the goal of Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, attempted 8 (cumulative) 3-pointers and succeeded in 2. Marey is an under-the-bass resource averaging 12.5 rebounds (league-leading). He did not attempt a single 3-point shot this season, but last season averaged 0.1 attempts (0.3 attempts).

Then, let’s look at the domestic players again. Ha Yoon-ki, who ranks 14th in the league in scoring and 6th in the domestic player, posted 14.9 points and 6.3 rebounds for an average of 29 minutes and 17 seconds in 43 games. None of the points he posted this season were 3-pointers. I tried once, but couldn’t split the rim. Among the top 6 domestic players in scoring, Ha Yoon-gi is the only one who did not score with a 3-point shot. He also didn’t throw a 3-pointer last season.

Ha Yoon-gi climbed to 6th place in scoring by accumulating points with only 2-point shots. Wouldn’t the 3-point shot be greedy? Regarding this, Ha Yoon-gi said, “I don’t have any greed for the 3-point shot yet, and I don’t think about it. I have a desire to put every mid-range shot that comes out at a chance,” he said. From this season, Ha Yoon-gi has increased the percentage of mid-range shots.

He added, “I think I’ll think about a three-point shot when I get more years apart, but now it’s difficult to shoot a mid-range shot, so I’m focusing on this.” When asked if he shoots three-pointers during practice, he said, “When I practice shooting, I throw 10 as a finishing exercise. I feel like I’m just tasting it, but the success rate isn’t high.”

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