President Yoon Seok-yeol, who visited Japan to attend the
G7 summit, is busy with a non-stop diplomatic schedule. He held bilateral talks with the leaders of Vietnam and Australia yesterday, followed by bilateral talks with two other countries today, and also announced a global vision at the G7 expansion meeting.

First, reporter Hwang Sun-young reports from Hiroshima토토사이트

[Report] As
President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife, dressed in sky-blue ties and matching outfits, enter the welcoming ceremony, Prime Minister Kishida greets them with a handshake.

As his first multilateral meeting schedule, President Yoon attended the expanded G7 meeting on the theme of ‘Food, Health, Development, and Gender’.

First of all, President Yoon announced that he would double the annual aid of 50,000 tons to 100,000 tons for food crisis countries including Kenya and Uganda.

In the long term, he also revealed plans to expand  the K- Rice Belt by transferring rice cultivation technology to poor countries.

Kim Eun-hye / Chief of Public Relations, President’s Office
“From a country that received aid from the international community after the war, it is now taking the lead in supporting food-poor countries as a global backbone leading liberal democracy…”

In addition, President Yoon promised to support the Infectious Disease Innovation Coalition, which is led by Norway, in the amount of 24 million dollars.

It is our will to play a more responsible role in preventing infectious diseases in underdeveloped countries suffering from poverty and disease.

Choi Sang-mok / Senior Vice President for Economic Affairs, Presidential Office
“Under the recognition that the health gap between countries is a bigger problem than viruses and germs themselves…”

Previously, at a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi, it was decided to strengthen cooperation in the fields of defense, space cooperation, and bio, and President Yoon specifically requested that “a reasonable tariff standard be applied to Korean companies operating in India.”

President Yoon is scheduled to meet with the British Prime Minister today to discuss economic cooperation plans and have a dinner with G7 leaders to share friendships. This is Hwang Seon-young from TV

Chosun in Hiroshima .

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